Skyfall Billy Reid Bond Peacoat

Updated February 11th, 2017 – There’s little question that the Skyfall Billy Reid Bond Peacoat that 007 wore when he was stalking Patrice in Shanghai has become one of the more popular pieces of Bond outerwear. As noted in this article, there are literally thousands of peacoats on the market. But the original Billy Reid has some design features that make finding an exact match more difficult than you’d think. More on that below. The new 80% wool/20% nylon version of the Bond Peacoat is still available on their site for $695.00. Although if you can catch one of their “Friends and Family” events, they’ll often knock 25% to 30% off.

affordable alternatives Skyfall Billy Reid Bond Peacoat
The original Billy Reid Bond Peacoat


Bond wore the peacoat with the Acne Wall Street Shark Trousers and the Crockett & Jones Tetbury Boots. For more on the Billy Reid Bond Peacoat, you can check out The Suits of James Bond, James Bond Lifestyle, BAMF Style, or check out this vlog from The Bond Experience. If you want to learn more about peacoats in general, give this article at Gentleman’s Gazette a read.

affordable alternatives Skyfall Billy Reid Bond Peacoat

Features wanted for the Skyfall Billy Reid Bond Peacoat
  • Navy 100% wool or wool blend fabric
  • 6 button, double-breasted style
  • Shorter, slim fit cut
  • Peak lapels (be prepared to search hard for this feature)
  • Jetted chest level hand warmer pockets
  • Flap covered, non-patch hip pockets
  • Single vent


Best Options for the Skyfall Billy Reid Bond Peacoat
The Replica
Royale Filmwear Skyfall Shanghai Pea Coat: $219.00

affordable alternatives Skyfall Billy Reid Bond Peacoat

When Royale Filmwear owner Daniel Love launches a new run of his extremely well made Shanghai Pea Coat, it’s literally the best option on the market. The last run is currently sold out. But you can sign up for the Royale Filmwear email alert to get notified when the next version becomes available. If you’re not in a rush, this is one piece of outerwear that’s worth the wait. You can read my review of the 2016 model here.


Off the Rack
Spier & Mackay Navy Peacoat: on sale for $199.00

affordable alternatives Skyfall Billy Reid Bond Peacoat

Good job, Spier & Mackay! The Canadian company has created 100% Melton wool coat that comes in actual suit sizing (38, 40, etc.) as part of their recently launched outerwear collection. Their version does have the chest pockets, flapped hip pockets and their Contemporary Cut is certainly a more tailored fit. If they have it (and it works for you), you may even want to think about going with “Short” version of your size to get an even more screen accurate look. However, there are also some key differences when compared to the Billy Reid. Obviously the navy is a little lighter. And it does have a belted back. Plus those lapels may be a touch large when we want to get Bond’s “popped and rolled” collar. But it’s still a very worthy alternative!


Under $100
Topman Navy Pea Coat: on sale for £20.00

affordable alternatives Skyfall Billy Reid Bond Peacoat

Since Topman is down to sizes “Large” and up in this model, this is definitely an alternative for you bigger gentlemen. Yes, it’s missing the chest hand warmer pockets. And yes, the fabric is more polyester than wool. But it’s also only £20! And a nice dark navy to boot!


Marc New York Mulberry Wool Peacoat in Ink: $77.84

affordable alternatives Skyfall Billy Reid Bond Peacoat

Yeah, so … this is available at Amazon. Meaning the pricing is all over the place and can change on a daily basis. If your size is available for under $100, I think this one’s worth a look. If not, then there are better options out there at the higher price. The fabric is 63% wool, 28% polyester, with some other synthetics thrown in. Color is a nice dark navy. But the lower pockets are patch and the overall cut is a little long.


If you are on a serious budget, but still want the quality (and who doesn’t?), then army/navy surplus stores are always a good option. But the handwarmer/flap pocket combo and peak lapels are very rare. If you don’t have a surplus store close to you, you can try online sites like Vintage Trends, Army Navy Deals, and, of course, Ebay.


Under $200

One hundred to two hundred bucks is kind of the sweet spot for affordable peacoats that still offer decent quality. Lots of options out there. So we’re going to be very particular about the style details on the alternatives we share.


DKNY Danby 32 Inch Peacoat in Navy Solid Melton: $69.99 t0 $119.99

affordable alternatives Skyfall Billy Reid Bond Peacoat

Also from Amazon: a 100% synthetic option that’s missing the hip pockets. So why share it? Because it has the tailored, fitted look we’re after. And it comes in both long and short suit jacket sizes. I’m not saying this should be your daily winter outerwear. But if all you want is coat for those odd, cooler days when you’re craving a little Bond style, then the Danby is worth a look.


Michael Bastian Double Breasted Peacoat in Navy: on sale for $129.97

affordable alternatives Skyfall Billy Reid Bond Peacoat

Available on sale at Nordstrom Rack, this Michael Bastian number is made from a 78% wool, 22% polyester fabric in a darker navy. It is missing the chest pockets and there are those button cuff tighteners (is there a technical name for those?). But the shorter cut hem and great sale price (MSRP is $400) help balance those out. As of writing, they have sizes small to XL available.


Linea Brunswick Wool Peacoat: £130.00

affordable alternatives Skyfall Billy Reid Bond Peacoat

A full featured alternative coming to ya from House of Fraser. Fabric is 50% wool, 40% polyester, 10% other and the coat features the subtly welted chest pockets and flap covered hip pockets we want. It is double vented, but I don’t think that’s too much of an issue. And although the coat looks a little long in the standard product photo above, it actually looks like a shorter cut in the pics of the model wearing it. House of Fraser has sizes small to XXL in stock.


Lauren Ralph Lauren Luke Solid Peacoat in Navy: on sale for $174.99 

affordable alternatives Skyfall Billy Reid Bond Peacoat

I am well aware that the Lauren brand doesn’t always deliver the best quality. But this one is sitting on the Macy’s site with 4.8 stars after 148 reviews, 116 of which are 5 star. So that ain’t too bad. Typical Macy’s, they list the fabric as a “wool/polyester/nylon/other fibers” blend, but don’t give percentages. And it is a “Lauren”. Sizing down for a more fitted look wouldn’t be a bad idea. Swap out the brown buttons and you’ve got yourself a decent quality alternative for a not-bad price. Just remember to always be on the lookout for those Macy’s sales!


Next Signature Reefer Coat: £150.00/$216.00

affordable alternatives Skyfall Billy Reid Bond Peacoat

Alright, so we’re a little over budget with this 100% wool option from Next. Although the fabric is a lighter navy and it’s missing the peak lapels, it does have both the chest hand warmer pockets and flap covered hip pockets. This is an eight button model in what appears to be a slightly longer cut. So it could work very well for those of you over six feet. Next has sizes small to XXL in stock.


I’ll keep adding more options as they appear. If you have a good alternative you’d like to share, let loose in the comments below! And remember to check us out on Facebook,  Pinterest, and Instagram for more James Bond style advice, inspiration and info on where to find the latest deals!

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