Daniel Craig Bond 25 Jamaica Style

Well folks, we’ve had our first look at 007’s Bond 25 Jamaica style and it’s pretty casual! Thanks to photos published by the Daily Mail of Daniel Craig on set, we can clearly see that Bond will at one point be wearing a dark navy or black button up shirt, grey jeans, dock shoes and a pair of Vuarnets while he barrels around town in an old Land Rover.

affordable alternatives Bond 25 Jamaica Style

It’s definitely a look that fits in with the whole Craig Bond style ethos. So let’s dive right into the affordable alternatives, shall we?

The Bond 25 Jamaica Style Shirt:
affordable alternatives Bond 25 Jamaica Style
Note the unstructured, devil-may-care sprezzatura of the one-piece collar.

While the exact shirt manufacturer, color and material is still to be determined (I’m leaning towards “black cotton”), there are some other key features we can make out from the photos. First, the shorter style is definitely meant to be worn untucked. Second, and more importantly, is the collar. It’s what’s called a “one-piece” (also known as a California or Cooper collar after screen legend Gary Cooper). One-piece collars are actually part of the shirt body, extending up from the placket, rather than a separate construction that’s sewn on. They also tend to be unstructured, which gives the style a more relaxed look.


It looks like AJB007 Forum member TheExit148 has done it again! It would appear that the shirt Bond is wearing is the 100% silk Tommy Bahama Long Sleeve Catalina Shirt in black! And, of course, it’s also sold out almost everywhere ….

affordable alternatives Bond 25 Jamaica Style
Pick stitching, one piece collar, notched straight hem, correct pocket shape and 100% silk. Looks like this is a match!
Best Option for the Bond 25 Jamaica Style Shirt
Mango Slim Fit Linen Shirt in Black: $69.99/£49.99

affordable alternatives Bond 25 Jamaica Style

I’ve included a product photo of the shirt in white since it better shows the details. Yes, it’s missing the shirt pocket. But it does have the one-piece collar, which is very rare on off-the-rack shirts. Plus it has the short length and dark tonal buttons. And it’s 100% linen. Great for beating the heat. Now the bad news. The Mango U.S. website only has sizes xs to medium available, while the UK site has sizes small to large. This won’t bother the slimmer guys. But for you larger gentlemen? I think I’ll have to keep looking …

The Bond 25 Jamaica Style Grey Jeans
affordable alternatives Bond 25 Jamaica Style
Tom Ford made in the USA selvedge denim slim-fit jeans, model number BPJ26TFD001 in color K01

Thanks to members TroyIkeda and TheExit148 at the AJB007 forum, we know the jeans are a pair from Tom Ford. Near as I can tell, they originally retailed for about $600. But, of course, they’re sold out now.

Best Option for the Bond 25 Jamaica Style Grey Jeans

I’ll do a longer post with more options for the Tom Ford jeans very soon. For now, I’ll share three alternatives.

Next Ultra Flex Stretch Jeans in Grey: £40.00/$57.00

affordable alternatives Bond 25 Jamaica Style

First up, a suggestion from AJB007 Forum member Chriscoop. The Next jeans are 82% Cotton, 16% Polyester and 2% Elastane and come in Slim, Skinny and Super Skinny fits. It’s a zipper fly, if that matters to you. But they have lots of sizes left in stock and the price is within reach for most of us.

Joe’s Jeans The Brixton Straight & Narrow Leg Jeans in Steve: on sale for $79.97

affordable alternatives Bond 25 Jamaica Style

On sale at Nordstrom Rack, the Joe’s Jeans capture the washed out color and fades of the Tom Fords. The material is 75% cotton, 16% Lyocell, 8% polyester, 3% elastane. So they’ve got some stretch. Originally retailing for $188.00, the Rack still has most sizes in stock.

Superdry Slim Low Rider Jeans in Faded Silver: $130.00

affordable alternatives Bond 25 Jamaica Style

If you’re looking for a slimmer cut, these should do. The price is steep, but they definitely have the vintage look of Bond’s jeans. Superdry has used a 99% cotton, 1% elastane denim. And, unlike most Superdry garments, these are not obnoxiously overbranded. They’re available in sizes 28 to 36 in various inseams lengths.

The Bond 25 Jamaica Style Shoes

affordable alternatives Bond 25 Jamaica Style

Credit to AJB007 Forum member Bond-Ambitions for id’ing these (with a prompt from drum007). They look to be the Sperry Gold Cup Authentic Original Rivingston Boat Shoe in Tan, which retails for $159.95 on the Sperry website. Beating them up so they look like you’ve been wearing them for years is your responsibility ….

affordable alternatives Bond 25 Jamaica Style

Of course, the easiest affordable alternative would be a cheaper pair of Sperrys. Such as these Original Leather Boat Shoes in Sahara, currently on sale for $85.00:

affordable alternatives Bond 25 Jamaica Style

The Bond 25 Jamaica Style Sunglasses

affordable alternatives Bond 25 Jamaica Style

AJB007 Forum member richmenstoys identified the shades pretty quickly. They’re they Vuarnet Legend Model 06 in Brown. While that color is out of stock on the Vuarnet website, they are still available on the Sunglass City website for $240.00.

affordable alternatives Bond 25 Jamaica Style

Just a couple of things to note. First, I have zero experience with Sunglass City. And I’m always hesitant to recommend websites that I don’t know. Especially those that sell “designer goods”. So if you do decide to buy from them, please be cautious. Second, we know that these Vuarnets are actually Daniel Craig’s personal sunglasses. So whether or not they’ll actually end up in the finished film is still pretty much an unknown.

Having said that, Vuarnet makes some killer sunglasses, So even if they don’t show up in Bond 25, they’re still a nice pair to own.

As I said at the top of the post, I’ll keep looking for alternatives for all the different pieces and put together dedicated posts for each. In the meantime, if you have some suggestions let us all know in the comments! And remember to check out our Facebook page, Instagram account and Pinterest Boards for more James Bond style advice and inspiration!

Set photos for Bond 25 were sourced from The Daily Mail with photo credits to Splash News.

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