5 Things I Want June

Welcome to the 5 Things I Want June edition! So what’s this post about? Basically it’s my public wish list. A place to share some incredibly cool things that I’ve found during my wanders around the internet searching for affordable alternatives. Five things that made me shout, “I WANT!” as soon as I laid eyes on ’em. They won’t always be Bond-related. But I think they’re definitely worth a look!

Some Awesome Bond-style Sleep Wear …

For me, how I dress at home is just as important for the whole “Bond-style” thing as what I wear when I head outside. And sometimes a guy just wants to lounge around his house in luxury. Which is why I’m adding some 007-inspired sleepwear to my Wish List. Now the question is: what to choose? Well obviously we start with Connery and Moore.

The Goldfinger Pyjamas

James Bond Goldfinger pyjamas

Bond’s scenes with Jill Masterson (Shirley Eaton) in Miami are absolute classics. And they included some great sleepwear. I’m sure the majority of Bond fans think that Jill’s death-by-gold-paint is the most iconic image from their short time together. But it was the sight of Ms. Eaton lounging in bed in Bond’s pyjama top that really won me over. No need to look any further for inspiration: this is the style I want. And if my wife wants to borrow the top, I’d be more than happy to loan it to her! Bond looked very dapper in them too, they were a very classic style that anyone would look smart in, and if you want to look even swankier, you could try silk pajamas in the same style, they are pretty popular nowadays.

Derek Rose Blue Bari 17 Modern Fit Pyjamas: £250.00 £175.00/$380.00 $266.00

Derek Rose James Bond Goldfinger style pyjamas 5 Things I want June

These will do quite nicely! Derek Rose has a long history of creating luxury sleep wear. And, aside from the similarities to the set from Goldfinger, their Modern Fit Pyjamas have a lot to offer the man who seeks total comfort. Made from a 100% long-staple cotton Filo di Scozia jersey fabric knitted in Italy, they’re incredibly soft and have a natural stretch. The slimmer cut gives them a more contemporary look. And they’re finished off with mother of pearl buttons and an innovative magnetic closure at the fly. Are they an investment? Absolutely. But a man has to look supremely comfortable and stylish in his pyjamas if he wants his significant other to steal the top! Derek Rose is currently offering 30% off the original price. Which just makes them even more tempting.

The Live and Let Die San Monique Navy Dressing Gown

Roger Moore Live and Let Die Dressing Gown

Connery came close. But, in my humble opinion, no other Bond completely owned wearing the dressing gown like Sir Roger Moore. This was a man who knew how to lounge in style. Looking through his films, you’ll find no shortage of robes to pick from. However, I’m going with the one he wore in San Monique. It’s a slightly retro but still classic design, with the tone-on-tone paisley pattern giving it character without being overwhelming. It’s the perfect representation of Moore’s Bond at his best.

Now some may ask, “Why not the Goldfinger robe to match the pyjamas?” Well, as soon as Connery put on his robe, he complained about the Beatles, got knocked out by Oddjob and poor Jill got painted to death. On the other hand, when Moore was wearing his dressing gown he charred a poisonous snake with a MacGyvered flame thrower and then continued to calmly enjoy his cigar. So you tell me: who wore it better?

Derek Rose Paris 13 Navy Jacquard Piped Dressing Gown: £250.00 £175.00/$400.00 $280.00

Derek Rose Roger Moore Style dressing gown 5 Things I want June

In terms of pattern, this is about as close as we can get. Derek Rose has gone with a silky smooth 100% cotton for this model. Moore’s San Monique robe was made from a plusher material. However, I live in a hot climate. So the Paris 13’s lighter weight fabric will definitely be more practical. And I’m liking how the turned-back rifle cuffs give the design that extra touch of Bond-style. Once again, this is an investment piece. But can you really put a price on Roger Moore cool when you’re building your Wish List?

A Summer Shirt for some Thunderball style …

James Bond Sean Connery Thunderball

Thunderball is filled with classic 007 moments. And his scenes with Emilio Largo are some of my favorite Bond/Villain interactions in the series. Especially when he comes to visit Palmyra. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Connery was a damn-near perfect example of how to dress with summer-time style. A lot of his warm-weather looks from the film were really only suitable for the beach-side bar. But at Palmyra, Bond showed up wearing a light-blue striped short-sleeve shirt (untucked), slim fit cream linen pants and leather sandals. It’s a put-together casual outfit that’s both cool and comfortable. And it works just as well today as it did in 1965. You can read BAMF Style’s article for more information on the complete look. And you’ll find even more Bond-style summer shirts in this post.

Frescobol Carioca Blue Seer Sucker Camp Collar Shirt: $215.00/£140.00

James Bond Thunderball Shirt 5 Things I want June

Connery’s Palmyra look doesn’t really need an update. But this shirt from Rio de Janeiro design house Frescobol Carioca does add some nice touches. The lightweight seersucker fabric will help keep you comfortable when things get hot and humid. And the trimmer, slightly cropped cut with the shorter cuffed sleeves makes it a little more contemporary. The more pronounced camp collar may not be screen accurate. But it’s very much in keeping with the other Thunderball shirt styles. The amount of time I could see myself wearing this in the summer definitely helps justify the price.

A slightly different take on the classic waxed moto jacket …
Private White V.C. The Black Twin Track Jacket: $670.00/£550.00

Waxed cotton moto jacket 5 Things I want June

I’ve been looking for another waxed moto jacket for a while now. And I’d pretty much settled on either a classic Barbour or Belstaff design. But when I was preparing to interview Gerry Nelson (a master of men’s casual style), I saw a photo of him wearing the Private White V.C. Twin Track Jacket. And I was hooked. Gerry’s jacket is a bold cranberry red color because … well, because Gerry can wear cranberry red and make it look good. Me? I’d go for a more conservative black. There is literally too much to say about the technical aspects of this jacket for a simple one paragraph description to handle. I’ll just say the design blends heritage and modern features in a way that looks unique and very cool. If you want to see how Gerry wears his Twin Track, check out his Instagram @gezzaseyes. And you can learn some valuable style strategies from him in our interview here.

The staple James Bond long sleeve polo shirt

James Bond long sleeve black polo shirt

Most people associate the long sleeve black polo with Bond’s adventures in Thunderball. But Daniel Craig also sported one during his … uh … “visit” to M’s apartment in Casino Royale. Honestly, I don’t know why this menswear staple doesn’t show up more in the Bond films. It’s extremely versatile and can be worn with jeans for a relaxed look or dressier trousers for a casual business style. If you get one in a fine enough fabric, it can also look good under a sport coat. And in black, dark navy or charcoal, it’s a great sweater for doing some sneaking around.

Orlebar Brown included their take on this classic in their recent 007 collection. The Thunderball Polo in Navy Merino wool is $475.00/£295.00, which is admittedly not cheap. But from what I’ve heard from those that purchased the polo, it’s one of their favorite pieces from the collection. Personally, even though I’m a fan of navy blue, I’m looking for one in a more screen accurate black this time around.

Aurélien Extra Fine Merino Wool Long Sleeve Polo in Black: €135.00

James Bond black polo 5 Things I want June

Aurélien specializes in what they call “smart luxury”. And their polo shirt is a great example of what they mean by that. Knitted in Italy from Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia 19.5 micron Merino wool, Aurélien has gone with a trimmer fit for the sweater. So it’s going to look good with more casual pants or under a sport coat. I already own one Aurélien shirt (their blue toweling polo) and I’ve been very impressed with the quality and design. If their black Merino wool polo is made to the same standard, I’d be happy to have it in my closet.

Re-visiting the Safari Jacket …

Roger Moore The Man with the Golden Gun Safari Jacket

We’ve already looked at affordable alternatives for the Roger Moore safari shirt-jacket from The Man With the Golden Gun. And we found some great options this season. You can see all our discoveries in this post. But since the publication of that article, AJB007 forum member Suit has suggested another option. And it looks really nice! So while I’m still leaning towards the Lopez Aragon rendition for my safari jacket, I have to say that Suit’s alternative is also tempting me ….

Gran Sasson Linen Safari Jacket in Green: $296.00

James Bond Safari Jacket 5 Things I want June

Made in Italy from a beautiful olive green 100% linen fabric, the simple design and clean lines of the Grand Sasso really appeal to me. The company is probably most famous for its luxury knitwear, which they’ve been producing in their Italian factory since 1952. They’re also extremely proud of the strides they’ve made to become a green company, investing in their buildings and manufacturing practices to reduce waste, lower emissions from production, and draw on more renewable energy sources. For some reason, this particular jacket isn’t available on their website. So I’ve linked to Baltzar above. Nice find, Suit!

And one more. Because I’m greedy ….

Daniel Craig Bond 25 Portrait

It’s no secret that Daniel Craig is a fan of the Henley shirt. Not coincidentally, so am I! The problem is finding a good one. It’s a challenge to strike that perfect balance between a loose but not boxy cut, quality fabrics that don’t shrink after the first wash and the right placket length. That’s right: I’ve found one of the keys to a great Henley is the placket length. You want a shirt that opens just the right amount when the top one or two buttons are undone. As you’ve probably guessed, I’ve tried a few different brands. And I’m always on the lookout for another option.

Merz b. Schwanen 206 Henley in Ink Blue: €89.90

Daniel Craig Henley 5 Things I want June

Needless to say, this article on Heddels about the resurrection of a heritage German garment manufacturer caught my attention. The history behind Merz b. Schwanen is pretty interesting. But the main take-aways are these: in 2011, businessman and lover of vintage Levi’s Peter Plotnicki decided to make t-shirts the old fashioned way. Using vintage loop-wheelers and high quality organic cotton, Merz b. Schwanen’s fabric takes a long time to produce. But the traditional manufacturing process also results in a shirt that’s incredibly soft and durable and has no side seams. Now I’m just waiting to get my hands on one ….

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