Important Message!

Hello! If you reached this page through Instagram, please be aware that the Instagram account you viewed (@iconicalternatives) has been hacked and now poses a serious security risk! For your safety do NOT accept any Instagram messages that you receive from the account @iconicalternatives. We strongly recommend that you unfollow @iconicalternatives on Instagram as that account is no longer under my control. If the situation changes I will let you know.


You can follow our new account on Instagram at @iconic_alternatives!

You can identify our new, safe Instagram account by our blue Avatar:

On the left: the blue Iconic Alternatives avatar for our NEW Instagram account (@iconic_alternatives). On the right: the old black avatar; this account is NO LONGER SAFE and should be unfollowed!


To see our most recent content here on the Iconic Alternatives website, you can now visit our Latest Posts page!


Thank you everyone for your support and all the best!