The James Bond SPECTRE Robe

Updated October 5th, 2021- So, way back in December of 2014, AJB007 member kadd introduced a theory on this thread that James Bond’s robe in SPECTRE was actually some type of traditional robe from Uzbekistan. After seeing the film, taking a closer look at the publicity shots with Bond wearing the robe, and searching high and low (see below) for suitable alternatives, I’m very much leaning towards kadd’s theory.

Daniel Craig James Bond SPECTRE Robe

Specifically, the robe is some type of Central Asian chapan made with a bekasab or bekasam fabric. Above is a closer look at Bond’s robe; below are two Uzbek chapans that were available on Ebay for $15.00 and $24.00 and one from Etsy.

affordable James Bond SPECTRE robe  affordable James Bond SPECTRE robe  affordable James Bond SPECTRE robe

There are many elements pointing to the robe being a chapan: the longer length of the robe and sleeves; the  fabric, which doesn’t seem to be terry cloth or toweling but still has some weight due to the light quilting; the striping pattern; the lack of a belt and collar; and especially the “horizontal” striping on the sleeves.

Traditional chapans are definitely more common in brighter colors (greens, yellows, blues, reds), but I did come across some that use the neutral browns and rusts of Bond’s robe, like the modern ones below seen on the website Tours To Uzbekistan.

affordable James Bond SPECTRE robe

Or these pictures by Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky from 1911 found at R. John Howe’s website, of an Uzbek boy and an older family (specifically the gentleman on the far left):

affordable James Bond SPECTRE robe

affordable James Bond SPECTRE robe

Personally, I’d think it pretty cool if it is a chapan. It’s exactly the kind of thing Bond could have picked up during his military service in the Middle East and Central Asia, so it somehow feels a little more “personal” that he’s wearing it around his apartment.

Update Over at the AJB007,  forum member Meesta Bawnd shared that he had spoken with SPECTRE costume designer Jany Temime. She told him that they had purchased the vintage robe at a Turkish shop in Pimlico. So it’s basically a one-of-a-kind. 


“Authentic” Options for the James Bond SPECTRE Robe

Finding a chapan that matches Bond’s perfectly may be impossible. But there are lots of options available on Ebay (both U.S. and UK) and Etsy, ranging in price from $15.00 to over $300.00. Just try searching for “chapan”, “khalat”, “bekasam” and “bekasab”. This is a close one I found on Etsy for $155:

James Bond SPECTRE robe alternative


And another I found on Anahita Gallery selling for $250.00 U.S.

James Bond SPECTRE robe alternative

With a little luck and a lot of patience, one will turn up that will meet your needs.


Best Modern Option for the James Bond SPECTRE Robe

Because the screen used robe was vintage and the design was so unique, contemporary alternatives are going to be missing many of the key features. But there are some that come close. And they’ll definitely be cozy enough for a night kicking back on the couch reminiscing about your childhood.


Tekla Lima Cotton Terry Robe in Brown Stripe: $195.00/£165.00

James Bond SPECTRE robe alternative

A luxury price. But also a luxury feel. Made in Portugal from a thick, 100% organic cotton terry cloth, it has an oversized fit and super soft feel that’s perfect for a relaxing evening at home. The shawl collar, triple patch pockets and vertical striping on the sleeves aren’t screen accurate. But the color isn’t a bad match. And it has the longer length we’re looking for. END Clothing has sizes small to large. If you need an XS or XL, Matches Fashion has them from the slightly higher price of $205.00.


Under $100
Upetstory Patterned Bathrobe in Baja Stripe: $49.99

James Bond SPECTRE robe alternative

Made from a polyester blend fabric (no mention of what the polyester is blended with), this “one size fits most” option is a little more colorful than Bond’s robe. But it does nail the horizontal striping on the sleeves and minimalist design. And while Baja is about as far from Uzbekistan as you can get, the Upetstory’s funky pattern does give it a suitable ethnic vibe.


El Corte Inglés Vary Bathrobe in Maroon: £53.23

James Bond SPECTRE robe alternative

The Spanish department store chain has used a weightier 380g per square meter 100% cotton fabric for their robe which should keep you nice and warm. The reddish-brown maroon color is brighter than what we see on-screen. But the muted tonal striping, generous fit and longer length will keep us looking good when we’re staring thoughtfully out our apartment windows.


Under $200
Marks & Spencer Pure Cotton Striped Dressing Gown: $105.00/£59.00

James Bond SPECTRE robe alternative

As per normal with the heritage British retailer, this one is a better deal for those of you in the UK. While the design isn’t an exact match for Bond’s robe, the mix of darker, more muted colors has a similar vibe. And the 100% cotton fabric looks pretty darn cozy in the product photos. It’s also nice that they offer this in sizes small to XXL so each of us can dial in the appropriate slouchy fit.


Bown of London Regent Robe: $164.95/£124.95

James Bond SPECTRE robe alternative

A few years ago, Bown had a robe that was a great match for Bond’s. This season it looks like they’ve made a move to brighter colors, but the deep rich tones still deliver a suitable “elegant yet rustic” vibe. And the quality for the price is definitely still there. Made from weighty 11oz per square yard 100% Egyptian cotton towelling, this will keep you all kinds of comfortable when you’re lounging around the house. They have sizes medium to 4XL available on their website.

I’ll keep adding options as I find them. In the meantime, if you have a great alternative for the James Bond SPECTRE robe, let us know in the comments below. And remember to check out our Instagram account, Facebook page and Pinterest Boards for more James Bond style advice, inspiration and info on where to find the latest deals!

Featured image was sourced from the Daily Mail UK. The information regarding chapans comes from Susan Meller’s website.

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