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The James Bond No Time To Die Commando Sweater


Well, here we are, almost exactly one year since the premiere of Daniel Craig’s final outing as 007. And one piece of kit from his No Time To Die wardrobe that’s still generating interest among fans is his James Bond commando sweater. It’s actually not that surprising. It was based on the well known Woolly Pully, a classic design with some serious military credentials behind it. And Craig was front and center wearing the sweater in more posters, promo stills, teasers, trailers and commercials than I can count. It also received a significant amount of screen time in the film’s finale, which is always a plus.

Daniel Craig No Time To Die Commando Sweater
There it is again!

Designed specifically for Craig for the movie by N.Peal and the film’s costume designer Suttirat Anne Larlarb, the 007 Army Sweater has had a short but interesting history. To put it simply, many fans weren’t too happy with the way the original commercially available version came out back in February 2020. There were problems with screen accuracy, the size and positioning of the shoulder patches and few other issues here and there.

Daniel Craig No Time To Die Commando Sweater
“I swear! This one has the correct shoulder patches!!”

More than a few sweaters from the original run were sent back to the company. But, to their credit, N.Peal worked to solve most of the concerns raised. And now it looks like the latest version hits the nail on the head.


The Original
N.Peal 007 Ribbed Army Sweater in Navy Blue: $465.00

N.Peal No Time To Die Commando Sweater

And here’s N.Peal’s 90% Merino wool, 10% cashmere “luxury” interpretation of the classic wooly pully. They currently have sizes XXS to XXL on their website, but recommend sizing down if you want that fitted Bond look. If you’d like a more indepth look at the sweater, check out these reviews by The Bond Experience and From Tailors With Love.


Best Options for the No Time To Die Commando Sweater
L.L. Bean Commando Sweater in Bright Navy Heather: $79.00

Before anyone asks: yes, I know about the Outdoor Knitwear sweater. It’s included later in this post, where I explain why it’s not our current “Best Option”. Now, as for the L.L. Bean version: if you’re okay with a regular crewneck rather than the more screen accurate boat neck, there’s a lot to like about this option. Made from a 21 oz 100% Merino lambswool, the heavy ribbed knit and shoulder and elbow patches give it an authentic look. That brighter navy color is also a good match for what we see Bond wear on screen. Finally, the price is more than reasonable for what we’re getting. Currently it’s sitting with 4.6 stars out 5 after more than 850 reviews. But we do have to note that some reviewers claim that the sweater has more of slim fit, the sleeves are very long and the wool is stiffer than expected. Just some things to keep in mind. Sizes small to XXL are available on the L.L. Bean website.


What Price Glory JB Style Pullover Sweater in Navy Blue: $75.00

I can’t believe I forgot this one! So a big “THANK YOU!” to Trent Dasen for reminding me in the comments below! With the Outdoor Knitwear option almost sold out, this is easily the most screen accurate affordable alternative. Although they don’t give any exact info on the yarn they’ve used (they just say it’s a “wool/poly blend”), What Price Glory has certainly nailed most of the other important details: chunky ribbed knit, extended shoulder patches, boat neck collar with the drawstring and a trimmer fit. They also have plenty of sizes in stock (XS to XXXL) at that very reasonable price! Thanks again, Trent!


Under $100
Rothco Acrylic Commando Sweater in Navy Blue: $51.99 to 62.99

James Bond No Time To Die Commando Sweater alternative

A no frills, 100% acrylic option for those of us looking to play around with the NTTD look without breaking the bank (or those of us who like to just throw our sweaters directly into the washing machine). Sizes small to 3XL are available on Amazon.


Goodthreads Men’s Soft Cotton Military Sweater in Navy: $17.06 to $44.90/  £37.30

James Bond No Time To Die Commando Sweater alternative

I ordered this one to try it out. And I’m sad to say, I wasn’t all that impressed. It’s not like I was expecting much for thirty bucks. But despite the fabric being 100% cotton, it still felt stiff, thin and just cheap. I also dropped down a size (as many of the reviewers recommended) and, although it fit great in the shoulders, it was still oddly long in the body with excess fabric around the chest. Long story short, since the other options on this list aren’t crazy expensive, I think you’d be better off skipping this one and investing a little more to get a quality sweater.


Outdoor Knitwear “Bond” Sweater in Navy: £61.00 (approximately $70.00)

James Bond No Time To Die Commando Sweater alternative

With its near screen accurate styling and reasonable price, this one quickly became a fan favorite. Made from 100% British wool, it captures many of the right design details: the wider “boat style” neck line with the drawcord, the shoulder patches that extend down the front of the shoulders, and the trim fit. Just don’t expect it to be as soft as the N.Peal. So why isnt’ it our “Best Option”? Because Outdoor Knitwear is sold out of sizes small, medium and large. And I have no idea when (or if) they’ll be back in stock. Now, if you happen to be an XS or XL (or bigger), I’d say this is the one to grab. Just be aware that while shipping is free for those of you in the UK, those of you in the U.S. can expect to add about $40 in shipping costs. So make sure you order the right size the first time!


TW Kempton British Commando Wooly Pully in Navy: $79.99

James Bond No Time To Die Commando Sweater alternative

Another example of the original wooly pully design. With this one we’re getting a 100% wool, made in the UK piece of knitwear made “to the Exacting Standards of the British M.O.D Specification UK/SC/3712”. Apparently TW Kempton has been making this style for over 50 years, so they should know what they’re doing. Ironically, given TW Kempton’s British roots, I couldn’t find this particular model available for sale on any UK sites.

I’ll use this opportunity to mention that there are plenty of 100% wool Commando sweaters on other military supply websites as well as Ebay. Given that these are true “classic” designs, expect the fabric to be thick and itchy, the patch material to be stiff, and the fit in the shoulders to be wide. In other words, they take a bit of breaking in before they become comfortable.


Irish Fishermans Ribbed Sweater with Patches in Caspian: on sale for $89.95


Throwing this one in here for those of you that would prefer more of a “sportsman” look. Aside from the differences with suede shoulder and elbow patches, what really sets this one apart is the fit. It’s definitely a more relaxed cut (which means people are less likely to mistake you for a commando out in the wild). So I’d recommend going down a size if you want a more fitted look. The fabric is 100% wool and the sweater is made in Ireland.


Under $200
Paul James Knitwear Chunky British Wool Ribbed Shooting Jumper in Navy: £120.00/$160.00

James Bond No Time To Die Commando Sweater alternative

I think Paul James has done a nice job of balancing two styles with their Shooting Sweater. Made in Leicestershire, England from 100% British wool, the raglan sleeves and suede patches give it more of a country feel. But the trimmer fit keeps that streamlined military look we want. I did a review of the Paul James Fitted Submariner Sweater last year (you can read that here). To summarize: I was very impressed with the quality and fit for the price. Assuming their Shooting Jumper maintains those same standards, I have no problem recommending it. You can find sizes XS to XL on their website


Peregrine Field Jumper in Navy: $165.00/£110.00

Another option that leans a little more “country estate” than “commando”. But this option from the heritage British brand actually has some very nice features. Manchester, England from 100% British wool, Peregrine has used a moss stitch down the sides of the body and inside of the sleeves to help reduce pilling at the usual wear spots. They’ve also given the sweater a trimmer fit, unlike many of the more classic shooting jumpers out there. And some of us may appreciate that they’ve decided not to add cotton patches on the sleeves. It may not be screen accurate, but it does give the sweater a more relaxed feel. Sizes small to XXL are available on the Peregrine website.


Did we miss any great alternatives for the No Time To Die Commando sweater? Tell us about it in the comments! You can also visit our Facebook page, Instagram account and Pinterest Boards for more James Bond style advice and inspiration!

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34 thoughts on “The James Bond No Time To Die Commando Sweater

  • After trying out the TW Kempton Bond from Outdoor Knitwear, this post should be updated to make it the best option as they restock frequently. The wool is noticeably softer than any wooly pully I’ve felt. For sizing, the chest was loose, the sleeves were a little long (keep in mind the herringbone cuffs), and the shoulders were wider than the sizing chart dimensions. This means, I think most people will want to size down unless they have ridiculously long arms.

    Compared to the original N.Peal, it is obviously scratchier than merino/cashmere and lacks the herringbone tape collar, however it is a fantastic value for English made sweater in the 007 style.

  • The L.L. Bean sweater has sleeves that are cut longer to be self-cuffed, like in all of the photographs of it. Being someone who normally cuffs the sleeves on their sweaters, I found the commando sweater’s sleeves to be way too long for me. This also means the patches on the arms are a bit too far forward to work well as elbow patches on me.

    Only option I can think of is having the sleeves shorted at the shoulder by a tailor. It would be worth it though, as I do really like the sweater otherwise.

  • Great to have you back!

    Just a note that Outdoor Knitwear is TW Kempton’s commercial site. OK added navy blue to their existing “1945” sweater line quite some time ago at the Bond fan community’s request. Same mil-spec quality as the Wooly Pully.

    • Thanks Eric! And thank you for the insight. I didn’t know that about TW Kempton. It explains why their TW Kempton website is more B2B focused now. I do hope they do a restock soon! Cheers!

  • Welcome back! My workday mornings feel whole again.

    My personal favorite alternative is from “What Price Glory”, marketed as their JB Style Royal Navy Blue Wool Pullover Sweater. As someone who owns the original N.Peal (purchased late 2021, corrected version) I can’t recommend this alternative enough. For $75.00 USD no less!


    Whenever I plan on activities more adventurous than sitting and socializing, I turn to this alternative. It looks the business, is rugged, and won’t break my heart if it gets a little dirt on it!

    • Damn it, I can’t believe I forgot that one! I’ll update the post with credit to you for reminding me. Thanks!!

      • No worries, my pleasure! Glad to see that you’re back on the Bond-communities not so secret service!

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  • I ordered the npeal original, but sent it back as the open neck didn’t look right. Replaced with the outdoor knitwear one, and put some brass looking ends on the laces. It looks so the part, and is alot cheaper.

  • I have the TW Kempton Bond. It is incredibly warm and the scratchiness does go away after a couple of washes in Woolite.
    However, I will say that the shoulders are massive, and I am not a slight build by any stretch. I had to go for a large because the medium was too tight under the arms, but even the medium had shoulders that seem to go halfway down the arms. The sleeves are also very long.
    If you can find a good tailor you could get it adjusted but by that point I’d probably save for the original.

    • Thanks Daniel! That’s the problem with some of the more “traditional” sweaters. Especially when the shoulder patches are a stiffer material. They stick out and can make you look like a coat hanger. It took almost a year before my old LL Bean sweater softened up and started to fit properly. But 20 yrs later I still have it. So I guess that says something. Cheers!

  • Glad you are back. Great site with solid leads and advice.

  • Welcome back! It made my day to see that you’re up and running again… hope all is well.

    • I finally decided to get the original N. Peal….

      • Just got the Kempton, but it will have to go back … too small and too itchy! Be aware that if ordering from MUS, returns are at your expense … I’m at the point of giving up on this one – I had the original N Peal, but it was just too cos-play looking. I thought a simpler version would be more wearable in real life, but I think I’m looking for something that doesn’t exist – a cashmere Commando sweater 🙂

      • I hear you. I have an old LL Bean one but I seldom reach for it. It’s a little more expensive, but the alternative that’s calling to me is that Paul James one. Since it’s Melton wool it should be softer than the traditional yarn in the less expensive sweaters. But, personally, I’m happiest in just a good old heavy ribbed knit without all the patches. Cheers!

  • Has anyone tried the LL Bean commando sweater?

    • Hi Russ, I saw it in store and it’s a very nice sweater for the price. The fit was pretty traditional (slim, a little longer in the body and sleeves). I usually have to size down in LL Bean stuff, but my regular size fit me pretty well. The shoulder patch material is on the stiff side so the shoulders kind of extend out if that makes sense. But those will soften with time. Unfortunately it is completely sold out on line, which is why I didn’t include it in the post. Hope that helps!

      • I was able to snag one just the other day. It was there and gone in an instant. Just received it yesterday and am wearing it today. Its a good sweater. Obviously not screen accurate but good enough for me to save $400! And quality LL Bean to boot.

    • I have an LL Bean version and another version that I got online from a Canadian/Pakistani company. The LL Bean sweater is thick, really thick, you definitely can wear it with only a light layer over it and feel warm.

      The homage sweater is acrylic, more scree accurate, but definitely has some flaws. The boat neck had a the same canvas material on the inside that makes it pretty stiff. If you have a large head, it may make it difficult to pullover.

      Honestly, after having spent about $150 getting an alternative, I almost would have rather saved up a bit more and sprung for the real thing. Sometimes, it pays to get the onscreen version.

  • Welcome back! I hope to see some new alternatives for the Morocco and Matera jackets in the near future.

    • Thanks! I’ll be looking for options for both jackets in about a month when new alternatives become available with the Spring season. Cheers!

    • Hi Kirstopher! Thanks and yes: updates for both those posts are scheduled for March when the spring arrivals start showing up in stores. Cheers!

  • Resurrection is a hobby, I see. ?
    Glad to see you back at it— your posts have been missed by many. Hope all is well!

  • You were very missed these past long months. Great to have you back!

  • M:
    Where the hell have you been?

    Enjoying death. 007 reporting for duty.

    … welcome back!

  • You have been very much missed. Hope all has been well and glad to have you back!

  • Good to see you back, much needed in such strange times

    • Appreciate it Scott! Lots more to come!

      • Great to have you back 🙂

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