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As far as I know, it was our sharp-eyed Instagram friend @trsmithy that first identified the maker of the James Bond blue Matera jacket. Thanks to him, we know that it’s the “Giubbino” model from the British brand Connolly. However, the question of whether or not the jacket actually fits Bond’s style has been debated since the first No Time To Die set photos from Italy appeared in the press. It’s seems to be another one of those “love it or hate it” pieces from the film.

Jacket photo credit to Permanent Style London.

The photo of the original jacket (with the lighter colored buttons) above comes from the website Permanent Style. Simon Crompton, the site owner, wrote about the jacket in an April 24th, 2019 article, describing the Giubbino as a versatile piece in a slubby cotton/linen blend that originally retailed for £330.00. Connolly has been re-releasing the jacket on a fairly regularly basis and currently has sizes small to XL of the current version available on their website for £460.00. But you can also find a good range of sizes of the newer version on Mr. Porter ($625.00/£460.00) as well, if that’s your preferred retailer.

A more recent version of the Connolly Giubbino Jacket worn by James Bond in No Time To Die.

As for the rest of Bond’s look in Matera, if you’re interested in alternatives for the Massimo Alba corduroy trousers, we have some in this post. We shared options for his still unidentified short sleeve Henley over here. And alternatives for his Drake’s Crosby suede chukkas are in this post.


Features Wanted for the James Bond Blue Matera Jacket
  • Lightweight navy blue linen or a linen/cotton blend outershell
  • Button front
  • Cuban, Revere or Shirt style collar
  • Drawstring at the hem
  • Pleated patch hip pockets with button closure flaps
  • Loose, unstructured fit

I’m sad to say that this season doesn’t include a near perfect affordable alternative like the Mango one from a couple of years ago. But more than a few brands have released jackets inspired by the Giubbino design. So we have a pretty good selection of options at various price points.


The Replica of the James Bond Blue Matera Jacket
Royale Filmwear Matera Jacket: $149.00 (approximate)

Royale Filmwear comes through for us again! Daniel Love’s take on the Matera jacket comes as close to screen accurate as possible, with one important difference. Since the style of the original is very cropped, he decided to make his interpretation about an inch and half longer in the body. And that should be very good news for you taller guys who want a jacket that actually comes lower than your belt line. The release date for the Matera Jacket is rapidly approaching. So if you want one, make sure to send an email to subscribe@royalefilmwear.com to reserve a jacket and include your size information. I have a feeling Daniel has another hit on his hands with this design!


Best Option for the James Bond Blue Matera Jacket
Benson Linen Shirt Jacket in Navy: $175.00

We’ll get the bad news out of the way first. Those chest pockets are obviously not screen accurate. But other than that, I think the Benson does a great job of capturing the feel of Bond’s jacket. It’s an unstructured, looser cut made from 100% linen. So it’ll be cool and airy on those warmer days. And (at least in the product photos), the navy looks to be lighter and more washed out, making it a better match than some of the darker colored options below. At $175, it’s not cheap, but it is about smack dab in the middle of this season’s alternatives price-wise. Personally, I’m kind of liking the “trucker meets blouson” vibe of the design. Nordstrom has sizes small to XXL in stock.


Under $100
Paul Jones Linen Shirt Jacket in Navy Blue: $19.99 to $32.99

An interesting (and very affordable) 70% rayon, 30% linen alternative for Bond’s Matera jacket, recommended by IG’er @_mildthing_. Obviously this is more of a shirt/chore jacket style. But _mildthing_ writes that it’s, “lightweight and breathable. The fit isn’t as boxy as Bond’s jacket and the cut is longer.” Sounds like a solid alternative for those of you that like the Matera look, but feel the design of the Connolly jacket just isn’t right for your personal style. It’s available on Amazon, where sizes small to XXL are in stock.


Benetton Stretch Cotton Jacket in Dark Blue: $118.00/£79.95

This is a Matera jacket alternative that I’m personally kind of digging. Benetton has used a 98% cotton, 2% elastane gabardine fabric and gone with a simpler, cleaner style. To me, it could give the whole Matera look a more contemporary feel while still delivering the right “romantic holiday in Italy” vibe that we want. It goes without saying this jacket is not for the purists amongst us. But if you’re more of an “inspired by” dresser, I think this would be a cool way to go. Benetton has sizes small to XXL available. Just check the size chart; in my experience their products tend to fit on the small side.


Under $200
8 by YOOX Linen Cotton Blend Jacket in Dark Blue: on sale for $109.00/£69.00

We shared this alternative when we first published this post back in 2019. And it’s still a solid option in my opinion. There’s some obvious differences between the YOOX and Bond’s jacket. The navy is darker, it has that patch chest pocket, and the cut is trimmer and longer. However, the lightweight 53% linen, 47% cotton fabric and unstructured, unlined construction give it an appropriate relaxed look. That fact that it’s made in Italy is also nice. You’ll find sizes XS to large on (you guessed it!) YOOX.


Mango Soft Finish Linen Worker Jacket in Dark Navy: $119.99/£79.99

Here’s this season’s No Time To Die Matera Jacket alternative from Mango. The fabric is a 65% lyocell, 26% linen, 9% cotton blend and the cut is a little longer with a half-back drawstring waist. So more of a short field jacket design rather than the cropped bomber style of the one from Connolly that Bond wears. But some some you may actually prefer to have it a little longer. The chest pocket and the no flap, button through patch pockets are also less than screen accurate. But it definitely does a good job of capturing that “Bond in Italy” vibe. Sizes small to XXL are available on their website.


ARKET Linen Blend Blouson Jacket in Navy: $199.00/£135.00

If you’re looking for a more tailored, streamlined alternative, here’s an interesting option from ARKET. The biggest difference between this one and Bond’s jacket is clearly the zipper closure. And the jacket is lined, so don’t expect it to wear as cool despite the 66% linen, 34% cotton outer fabric. But there are some other details that up the level of sophistication. Instead of the drawstring waist, we get two side tab adjusters at the hem. There’s also button closure shirt style cuffs. It’s like it’s a cool mix of Bond’s Matera jacket and his Quantum of Solace Harrington, which could definitely work if your personal style leans more contemporary. Italian sizes 46 to 54 are available on their website.


Under $200
Jaeger Linen Harrington Jacket in Medium Navy: £199.00

Very similar to the design of the ARKET alternative above. Except this option from Jaeger uses a more textured 100% linen outer fabric and a brushed cotton lining. It also seems to have a looser, boxier cut that’s closer to the relaxed fit of the original. Oh, and there’s a wide wind stopper placket behind the zipper. I understand the practicality of this feature, but I can’t say I’m a fan of what it does to the look of the jacket when you wear it open. But that’s just personal taste. Marks & Spencer has sizes small to XXL on their UK website. However it doesn’t look like the jacket is available in the U.S. through them.


Walkers Appeal Estaban Jacket in Navy Blue: $278.00

In terms of general appearance, the Esteban comes very close to Bond’s Matera jacket. And the subtle differences we can see give it a slightly cleaner and more refined look in my opinion. There’s no arguing that $275 is getting up there. But Walkers Appeal is a young brand (it was founded in 2016) that justifies their asking price by taking the design and quality of their products very seriously. For example, this particular jacket is made in partnership with a heritage factory in Spain and uses a lightweight cotton that will be perfect for warmer weather. You’ll find the jacket at Bombinate, where they have sizes small to XL in stock. But I’d contact them first to check on the fit. Walkers Appeal tends to make their outerwear a little oversized, so you may want to size down for a more tailored fit.


Universal Works Watchman II Jacket in Navy: $279.00/£235.00

It was AJB007 forum member Obi Sean Kenobi that first suggested Universal Works to me. And while I think his choice of their linen and cotton Warmus jacket (on sale for $216 at Garmentory) is a great one, I decided to go with the Watchman II for this post. Really, it just came down its darker blue color and button through flap pockets, which bring the design closer to that of the Matera jacket. The Watchman II is unlined and unstructured. But the 98% cotton, 2% elastane fabric is heavier so the jacket looks a little stiffer and more rugged.

Now to play the sizing game. END Clothing has sizes small, medium and XL. And you can also find a full run of sizes on the Universal Works website for £235.00. BUT! If you’re a size small or medium and don’t mind going with a jacket that has button-less flap pockets and a lining, I would definitely recommend checking out the navy blue cotton version of the Warmus that Obi Sean Kenobi’s recommended. It’s on sale on the Universal Works website for £49.00!


The Investment Pieces
Sunspel Cotton Linen Twin Pocket Jacket in Navy: $350.00/£245.00

I would definitely call this more of a “shirt jacket” rather than a “blouson”. But it’s coming from a beloved Bond brand. And the unlined construction and 76% cotton, 24% linen fabric give it a relaxed and airy vibe that’s similar to Bond’s Matera outerwear. Sizes small to XL are on the Sunspel website.


Oliver Spencer Stanford Blouson Jacket in Blue: $370.00/£310.00

Now that we’re getting up there in price, I think it’s fair to ask why we shouldn’t just save up and buy the original Connolly. However, there are a couple of things about this Oliver Spencer model that really caught my eye. The color, relaxed fit, unstructured design and 55% linen, 45% cotton fabric are very similar to the Matera jacket. But the elastic at the waist and especially those large, side-entry bellows pockets give it an almost military feel that I really like. It’ll give us the right look for a romantic vacation in Italy. But it’s different enough to keep your look “inspired by” rather than “directly copied from”. Harvey Nichols has the best price I could find if you’re in the U.S. (Mr. Porter is asking $505 for it!). If you’re in the UK, you can also order directly from Oliver Spencer for the same price.


Orlebar Brown Bowers Classic Fit Blouson in Navy: $525.00/£345.00

And our last alternative comes from another well known Bond brand. We’re once again getting a zip front closure. And a knit elasticized hem. In fact, the overall design reminds me of a classic G9, which would give your personal Matera look more of sporty feel. But unlike a classic Harrington, the unlined construction and 52% linen, 48% cotton fabric of the Bowers should still keep you comfortable in higher temperatures. Orlebar Brown has sizes small to XXL on their website.


Do you have an alternative for the James Bond blue Matera jacket? Tell us about them in the comments! And if you’re looking for more style inspiration, check out Iconic Alternatives on FacebookInstagram, Twitter and Pinterest! You can also take a look at our Amazon Page. That’s where we’ve organized the James Bond and Steve McQueen alternatives we’ve found the massive online retailer.

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