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We’ve managed to establish the designer behind Bond’s corduroy suit from No Time To Die (Massimo Alba). And we looked at some alternatives in this post. Now it’s time to explore options for the other outfit he wore in the ancient Italian village, specifically that blue jacket. And thanks to our sharp-eyed Instagram follower @trsmithy, we know what it is: the “Giubbino” model from British brand Connolly.

Jacket photo credit to Permanent Style London.

The photo of the jacket comes from the website Permanent Style. Simon Crompton, the site owner, wrote about the jacket in an April 24th, 2019 article, describing the Giubbino as a versatile piece in a slubby cotton/linen blend that originally retailed for £330.00. Simon also posted some photos of him wearing the jacket on his Instagram account. Connolly has recently announced that they’ll be reissuing the jacket early next year, which is great news for those of you that want the original.


Features Wanted for the James Bond Blue Matera Jacket
  • Lightweight navy blue linen or a linen/cotton blend outershell
  • Button front
  • Cuban, Revere or Shirt style collar
  • Drawstring at the hem
  • Bellow hip pockets with button closure flaps
  • Loose, unstructured fit

To start, I’ll say that I couldn’t find any alternatives with ALL those features. Even finding a jacket with a drawstring hem and flapped hip pockets was a challenge. Never mind the button front. It’s also worth noting that the start of the Fall/Winter season isn’t really the best time to go searching for lightweight jackets. Needless to say, I’ll keep hunting. But in the short term, we’ll need to give up some features.


Best Option for the James Bond Blue Matera Jacket
Mango Pockets Linen Jacket in Dark Navy: on sale for £45.99

As mentioned in the recent The Bond Experience vlog (see below) The cotton-linen version of this jacket, priced around twenty-five bucks on sale, was a hit as an alternative for the navy Matera jacket. And (no surprise) it sold out quickly! Lucky for us, Mango also makes a 100% linen version in almost exactly the same style! Yes, the price is higher. But all sizes are still in stock on the Mango Outlet UK site. Unfortunately for those of you in the States., it’s no longer available on the U.S. site. However, check out this thread on AJB007; there’s a few folks there that ordered two sizes and they’re selling their extras. You may also be able to convince one of the fine UK-based members to purchase one for you and ship it.

So how does the Mango compare to what we know about the Connolly original? Well, it’s missing the drawstring waist (this one is elasticized). And the flaps on the front bellow pockets. The collar style is also a little off. But other than that? Man, this thing looks pretty spot-on! The color, the button front, even the fit really capture Bond’s Matera Look. Check out The Bond Experience video review below!


Under $100
Murano Baird McNutt 100% Slim Fit Linen Trucker Jacket in Blue: $34.99 to $49.95

A solid alternative suggested by AJB007 forum member Obi Sean Kenobi. As the name states, this is more of trucker jacket design. Meaning welted hip pockets and flapped chest pockets. But Baird McNutt is recognized as one of the best linen producers in the world. So you can expect the quality of the fabric to be top notch. This is coming from independent sellers on Ebay. That $34.99 price is for a size small. If you need a size medium to XL, go to this listing, where the price jumps up to $49.95.


Uniqlo Washed Jersey Work Jacket in Navy: $39.90

James Bond Blue Matera Jacket alternatives

A fairly generic chore jacket in a shorter cut. I know some fans aren’t crazy about the drawstring hem on Bond’s jacket. If you’re of that opinion, then this style can give you the look without having to go full “blouson”. The fabric is 96% cotton/4% Spandex jersey, so there’s some stretch. Uniqlo has almost all sizes in stock (medium is sold out). But in my experience, the brand fits on the small side. So sizing up may not be a bad idea.


Mango Buttoned Cotton Jacket in Ink Blue: on sale for $69.99/£39.99

James Bond Blue Matera Jacket alternatives

A similar style to the Uniqlo above. But without the chest pocket. This one is unlined and made from 100% cotton. So expect a relaxed, slightly boxier fit. Mango has almost all sizes available on their U.S. and UK websites.


8 by Yoox Blazer in Dark Blue: on sale for $69.00/£45.00

James Bond Blue Matera Jacket alternatives

If you don’t mind the chest pocket and missing drawstring, this one is definitely worth a look. The jacket is made in Italy from a 53% linen/47% cotton blend fabric. The hip pockets don’t have the bellows design. But they do have the flaps. And it should be relatively simple to get a tailor to add some buttons if you really want them. Yoox has sizes XS to large in stock. However, I shared a different Yoox blazer in another post and one of our readers commented that the one he received fit very small. I think the fit on this one will be looser and less structured. But you still may want to think about sizing up.


Save Khaki Denim Work Jacket in Marine: on sale for $109.97

James Bond Blue Matera Jacket alternatives

Just over the $100 limit. Despite some obvious design differences, this one is still a solid alternative. Yes, the fabric is denim. But it’s a pre-washed, lightweight denim that hangs like normal cotton. We’re missing the exact hip pocket style we want (and gaining a chest pocket). But we do get the drawstring waist, button front, open cuffs and shirt style collar. Plus it’s made in the U.S.A., which many will like. And then there’s the price. Since this is at Nordstrom Rack, it’s getting a hefty 61% discount off the MSRP of $280.00. Sizes XS to XL are in still in stock.


Bonus 1: The Off-White Short Sleeve Henley

Daniel Craig James Bond No Time To Die Matera Henley

Seems like a simple enough shirt. The only tricky part is the shorter, two button placket. And you’d be surprised how many Henley’s out there do not have a shorter, two button placket ….


J.Crew Short Sleeve Pique Henley in White: on sale for $19.97

A 100% cotton option from J.Crew available at … Nordstrom Rack? Didn’t see that one coming …. Anyway, the shirt does feature a 2 button placket. Although it looks a little longer than the one on Bond’s shirt. Currently reduced from the MSRP of $39.50. But they’re down to sizes small to large. If one of those sizes works for you, this shirt could be a heck of deal to complete the Matera look.


Alfani Soft Touch Stretch Henley in Bright White: $40.00

A great alternative suggested by AJB007 forum member Paperbill and the shirt David Zaritsky is wearing in the Mango jacket review vlog above. The fabric is actually a polyester/rayon/spandex blend, which had me worrying it would have a bit of a sheen to it. But honestly, I think it looks pretty good after seeing it IRL in the video. And the placket certainly looks short enough. About the price: Macy’s is always running sales and I’ve seen these go as low as fifteen bucks. So I’d be a little patient and wait for the discount instead rushing out to grab one.


Theory Anemone Slim Fit Henley in White: on sale for $44.97

A little more expensive than the other alternatives, even with the 50% discount. But it checks all the right boxes, especially that shorter, two button placket. The fabric is kind of interesting as well: 73% modal, 27% polyester. What is modal you ask? It’s a semi-synthetic that originally comes from the cellulose of beech trees and is put through an environmentally friendly chemical process to turn it into a fiber to be used in fabrics. In its final state, it’s very durable, shrink-resistant and doesn’t stretch out of shape. It also doesn’t trap sweat or odors. So yeah, this particular shirt is getting up there in price. But it should last you a heck of a long time.


Bonus 2: Grey Cords

And then there’s the corduroy trousers Bond wears with the jacket. To the best of my knowledge, the cords are from Massimo Alba (the same designer as his corduroy suit). The color is reportedly “Dove Grey” and the corduroy is a relatively fine wale. We can tell from the set photos that these are a chino style pant, with on-seam pockets. They also look to be a slim or slim-straight fit.


Nautica Straight Leg Corduroy Pant in Radial Grey: $44.99

Finding a chino style corduroy trouser in the lighter grey is actually pretty difficult! So our first few affordable options are going to be more of a jean style. And we’re starting with these straight fit ones from Nautica. Both the color and the size of the cord wale look to be a solid match for Bond’s trousers. And the roomier straight fit should work well for bigger guys. Amazon has sizes 28 to 44 in various inseams in stock.


Gap Slim Fit Cords with Gap Flex in Clean Grey: $69.95

I’ll just come right out and say it. I really like the way Gap slim-cut jeans fit. And after having more than a few pairs over my lifespan, I’ve been pretty happy with the quality for the price as well. This particular pair uses Gap-flex, so there’s 2% Spandex added to the cotton fabric to give them some stretch. They’re also a pretty thin wale cord and that color looks like it comes really close to Massimo Alba trousers. Sizes 28 to 42 in various inseams are available on the website. If you’re looking for a different cut that works better for your body type, Gap has the same jeans in the same color in both a skinny fit and a straight fit.


Polo Ralph Lauren Cotton Corduroy Slim Fit Chinos in Grey: £135.00/$146.00

Finally we’re getting into more of true chino style pant. This pair from Polo is a fine wale, 99% cotton/1% elastane corduroy so they have some stretch. And it looks like they’re a solid match for Bond’s trousers in both the color and fit departments. I’ve linked to Matches Fashion above, where they have sizes 28 to 36 in stock.


Bonus 3: The Moc Toe Suede Chukkas

It’s been pretty much confirmed now that the boots Bond’s wearing in these scenes are the Drake’s Crosby dark brown suede, moc toe chukkas. You can still get those directly from Drake’s for £275.00/$395.00. But they are running low on sizes.

James Bond No Time To Die Drakes Crosby suede boots


Velasca Barbéé in Dark Brown Suede: $190.00

James Bond No Time To Die boots

If you don’t mind paying up a little, these made-in-Italy alternatives should do the trick quite nicely. Made using high quality “overturned” suede uppers, natural crepe soles and a Blake stitch construction, they currently have 4.5 stars out of 5 after 26 reviews. My Skyfall wingtip boot alternatives are from Velasca, and after two years of use I’m still very happy with them. I’d expect the same type of value for money from the Barbéés. Plus they offer free shipping and returns for the USA, Canada, Norway and Switzerland.


Do you have an alternative for the James Bond blue Matera jacket? Tell us about them in the comments! And if you’re looking for more style inspiration, check out Iconic Alternatives on FacebookInstagram, Twitter and Pinterest! You can also take a look at our Amazon Page. That’s where we’ve organized the James Bond and Steve McQueen alternatives we’ve found the massive online retailer.

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