The James Bond Waxed Trucker Jacket

At this point in the film’s seemingly never ending promotion, the No Time To Die James Bond waxed trucker jacket needs no introduction. Affectionately known as the “Garage Jacket”, Bond is wearing the Rogue Territory Supply Jacket in the Tan Ridgeline color as he dramatically sweeps the cover from his Aston Martin in the trailers. Who knows what else he’ll be doing in the movie while he wears it?

James Bond No Time To Die Rogue Territory Supply Jacket
Ah yes, I almost forgot: He’ll also stare intently at something! 
The Original No Time To Die James Bond Waxed Trucker Jacket

Unlike some of his other wardrobe pieces from the film, the Supply Jacket has been a near universal hit with fans of Bond style. It’s definitely one rugged piece of outerwear. Made in Los Angeles from 10oz Martexin waxed canvas and finished with custom metal hardware, it’s one of those rare cotton jackets that actually requires some effort to break-in. The few negative comments from fans about the jacket tend to focus on how stiff it is when new. But that’s actually part of the beauty of a piece like this. It’s going to feel like cardboard at the start. However regular wear will soften it up and the waxed finish will darken and develop a unique patina that adds more and more character over time. It takes a little work and patience. But it’s worth it!

Even better? The jacket is still available directly from Rogue Territory in sizes XS to XXL. And with a price of $295, it isn’t crazy expensive. Stag Provisions, another popular retailer with fans, also has sizes small to large and XXL in stock at the same price. If you’re in the UK, Rivet & Hide have sizes small to XXL for £280.00. Just note that it is a slim fit, so make sure to check the size chart before ordering!

James Bond No Time To Die Rogue Territory Supply Jacket in Tan Ridgeline
The Rogue Territory Supply Jacket in Tan Ridgeline

Of course, $300 is still a lot of money for many of us. Is it possible to capture the spirit of Bond’s jacket for a little less? Let’s take a look at the alternatives and find out!


Features Wanted for the No Time To Die James Bond Waxed Trucker Jacket
  • Tan or light khaki colored waxed cotton canvas material
  • Unlined construction
  • Modified trucker or depot jacket design
  • Button front closure
  • Shirt-style collar

The Supply Jacket is very much a “workwear” piece. So there’s a good selection of alternatives out there with a very similar vibe from reputable brands. Most lean more towards the traditional trucker jacket look, with the two external flapped chest pockets. But, as we’ll see, there are still plenty of options that play around with other pocket placements to create different designs.

Now, since I know someone is going to ask, I’ll get this out of the way: Yes, I am very aware of that low-cost Supply Jacket knock-off that’s  floating around Ebay and AliExpress. But I can’t in good conscience recommend it. It’s so obviously a direct copy of the Supply Jacket (right down to that placket keyhole with the white stitching) that if I did share it I’d feel like a) I was doing a huge disservice to Rogue Territory and b) I’d be advising you to buy a fake. And that’s something I never want to do. If you do want one, they’re not hard to find with a basic search on AliExpress or Ebay. Just pay close attention to the sizing if you decide to order one. They fit VERY small!

Alright, onto the alternatives!


Best Option of the No Time To Die James Bond Waxed Trucker Jacket
Flint and Tinder Unlined Waxed Trucker Jacket in Field Tan: $188.00

No Time To Die James Bond Waxed Trucker Jacket affordable alternative

There aren’t many lower priced jackets I would say are truly worthy alternatives for the Rogue Territory. But this is one of them. Cut, sewn and finished in Los Angeles from a light weight 6oz waxed cotton canvas from British mill Millerain, the Flint and Tinder design is more of a traditional trucker than the Supply Jacket. But it definitely has the same rugged style and will certainly look the part when you throw it on over a white t-shirt. This is a yearly favorite with fans of workwear style and currently has 4.4 stars out of five after 52 reviews. So I have no problem recommending it. Huckberry has sizes XS to XXL in stock.


Under $100
Maden Waxed Canvas Work Jacket in Ginger: $35.69

No Time To Die James Bond Waxed Trucker Jacket affordable alternative

An AliExpress special. Dig around a little and you’ll find it being sold by various vendors at various prices. I’ve linked to one the better deals I saw (shipping is included in the pricel), but if you prefer Ebay, you’ll find it here for about $57 plus $15 shipping. The material is an 8oz cotton canvas with a light coating of wax. So not super heavy and the break-in shouldn’t be too painful. If you just want a cheap waxed jacket that gets you that Bond look, I’d seriously consider going with this one over the aforementioned Supply Jacket knock-off (both come from the same supplier). The design of this model is different enough that no one will mistake it for a Rogue Territory clone. And I actually kind of like what they’ve done with those flapped patch pockets on the front. Just read the size chart carefully before ordering. Again, these are Asian sizes so they fit small!


Under $200
Marine Layer Waxed Canvas Trucker in Light Khaki: on sale for $155.00

No Time To Die James Bond Waxed Trucker Jacket affordable alternative

We first shared this alternative back in February in one of our Best Budget Style Finds posts (you can see more of those here). And I still think it’s a great option. Made from 100% cotton coated with wax from a heritage Scottish vendor and featuring two chest pockets and a zipper and storm placket front closure, it has a slightly differently look than the Supply Jacket. But I still think it’s a pretty cool jacket in it’s own right. It also has a soft flannel lining which will make it wear a little warmer. That will also help if you find having stiff waxed canvas directly against your skin to be a little uncomfortable. Finally, that sale price brings it in at almost half the cost of the original. Marine Layer has sizes small to XL in stock.


Buffalo Jackson Laramie Waxed Canvas Trucker in Tobacco Tan: $199.95

No Time To Die James Bond Waxed Trucker Jacket affordable alternative

A heavy-weight option for those of you looking for an alternative that can handle some cooler temperatures. The fabric is an 11oz waxed cotton canvas and the jacket is lined with a 70% polyester, 30% cotton fabric. The design details and boxier cut definitely remind me of an old Carhartt or Filson jacket you’d find on a job site anywhere in the U.S. So if “really rugged workwear” describes your personal style, this one is definitely worth a look. Sizes small to XXL are available on their website.


Under $300
The Normal Brand Waxed Canvas Jacket in Khaki: on sale for $247.00

No Time To Die James Bond Waxed Trucker Jacket affordable alternative

Another trucker style alternative with a flannel lining. The Normal Brand is a fairly well known and respected company, with a focus on elevated workwear and athleisure designs. Unfortunately, they don’t offer many details about this particular jacket on the product page. So I’m not sure the weight of the cotton canvas, what type of wax they used or even what the lining fabric is. Considering their reputation, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume everything is high quality. But you if you want more info, I’d suggest emailing them with questions before ordering. They have sizes small to XXL in stock on the website.


Taylor Stitch Lombardi Jacket in Mustard Dry Wax: $248.00

No Time To Die James Bond Waxed Trucker Jacket alternative

If you looked at Bond’s jacket and thought, “It’s not yellow enough!”, here’s your alternative. But seriously, Taylor Stitch makes some nice stuff and they have a great eye for fabrics and details. For the Lombardi, they’ve used a 7oz dry waxed organic cotton canvas from Halley Stevensons and finished it off with antique brass hardware. You also need to check out the fun map artwork on the pocket linings. I’m not sure if it’s the product photos on their website, but for me this one has almost a vintage nautical vibe to it. Sizes XS to XXL are in stock.


Gilded Age Winslow Waxed Jacket 4160 in British Khaki: $269.00

No Time To Die James Bond Waxed Trucker Jacket alternative

The riveted lower chest pockets and pleats along the placket give this alternative more of a vintage trucker vibe, which is cool. And there a lot of other details that make it worth a look. New York’s Gilded Age has used a “heavy” 100% waxed cotton canvas (no mention of the actual weight) and, like Bond’s jacket, kept it unlined. Inside, they’ve used a deep red fabric tape to finish the seams and a contrasting darker brown material for the interior placket and hem. I think those little touches will give the jacket a more polished look when you wear it open. With that $270 price tag, choosing this one would be more about the design than the money. But I have to say, I’m really liking it! They have sizes small to XXL on their website.


The Investment Pieces
Filson Tin Cloth Short Lined Cruiser Jacket in Dark Tan: $350.00

No Time To Die James Bond Waxed Trucker Jacket alternative

Since we’re now getting into alternatives that are more expensive than the original Rogue Territory jacket, we better choose ones that have something truly special to offer. Enter Filson. In the world of heritage workwear design, the company and it’s Tin Cloth are legend. This particular jacket is a variation of their iconic Cruiser design, which has been around (virtually unchanged) since 1914. That Tin Cloth is a bombproof 14oz oil finished cotton canvas and the jacket is lined with a 6oz dry finish cotton. And it’s made in the U.S.A. I can tell you from experience that breaking in a Filson jacket takes some commitment. But the end result is a piece of outerwear that will last a lifetime (or longer). Filson currently only has sizes XXL and XXXL in stock (and they fit big). So you’ll need to join the waiting list for the next release.


Freenote Cloth Riders Waxed Canvas Jacket in Tobacco: $400.00

No Time To Die James Bond Waxed Trucker Jacket alternative

A few people have recommend the Freenote to me. Our friend Adam contacted us about his Rider, writing, “I wanted to recommend the Freenote Jacket as an amazing alternative. It’s virtually the same color and cloth and has amazing details too and a beautiful liner. I am currently wearing mine through winter in the Mediterranean and it’s perfect!” Made in the U.S.A. with a 10oz MarTexin waxed canvas and lined with a southwestern print fabric from Japan, it also features metal hardware from Kentucky and a Redwing leather interior patch. Like the Gilded Age alternative above, those riveted front pleats and lower chest pockets really give the jacket a vintage Levi’s Type II trucker vibe. It’s expensive. But this one looks like it’ll be an heirloom piece.


The Non-Waxed Options

I know there are some fans that really like Bond’s style with the Supply Jacket, but don’t want to deal with the whole waxed cotton thing. So I thought I’d share a couple of alternatives that capture the rugged look, but use a more conventional untreated canvas.


J.Crew Wallace & Barnes Duck Canvas Trucker Jacket: on sale for $89.50

No Time To Die James Bond Waxed Trucker Jacket affordable alternative

A classic trucker style in an unlined 100% cotton duck canvas from J.Crew’s higher end Wallace & Barnes line. The customer comments suggest this is a lighter weight jacket, so break-in time should be minimal. It doesn’t fully capture the look of the Rogue Territory jacket. But the color is a decent match and the sale price is reasonable. You’ll find sizes XS to XXL on their website.


Howler Brothers Depot Jacket in Duck Brown Canvas: $125.00

No Time To Die James Bond Waxed Trucker Jacket affordable alternative

The color of this alternative from Howler Brothers is a couple of shades darker than Bond’s jacket. But the style details match up nicely! The fabric is a 98% cotton, 2% spandex blend which will add some stretch and make it comfortable to wear right from the start. Unfortunately they’re down to sizes XL and XXL. But they’ve informed me that another run of the Depot Jacket is expected later this fall. In the meantime, if you’re a bigger guy that doesn’t want to deal with re-waxing your jacket, this is definitely a solid option.


As always, we’ll be adding more options for the No Time To Die James Bond waxed trucker jacket as they turn up. And you can always share your alternatives in the comments below. Also remember to check out our Facebook pageInstagram account and Pinterest Boards for more James Bond and Steve McQueen style advice, inspiration and info on where to find the latest deals!

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  • May 16, 2021 at 11:02 am

    Well, I finally bit the bullet and bought this jacket directly from Rogue Territory. Shipping was quick with FedEx 2-Day delivery and communication was outstanding with them.

    I’m 5’10” and weigh 175lbs. 44” chest and 36” waist. The jacket is a slim fit and the size XL fits snuggly. It’s one of the few jackets I own that did not need to go to the tailor! It’s a little tight around the chest, but Rogue Territory states that it will stretch 1/2” over time. But, I really like the slim fit/tailored look this jacket has right off the rack.

    The only complaint I would have is that there is no inside breast pocket. The jacket is unlined, so it’s the nature of the beast. I like to carry my wallet in my jacket…that’s all.

    I also like the waxed cotton material. It’s not as “oily/greasy” as the Barbour jacket i own. Yes, it’s stiff. But it has already started breaking in for me the few times I have worn it.

    Now, I wonder if I will look just as cool as Daniel Craig ripping the car cover off of my Aston?

    • May 16, 2021 at 11:03 am

      Excellent review and insights! Thanks for sharing that!


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