The Man with the Golden Gun

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The James Bond Rolex Submariner: Lazenby, Moore & Dalton

Affordable alternatives for the classic James Bond Rolex Submariner 5513, worn by both Lazenby and Moore and the 16800 from the Dalton era.

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The Affordable Bond Wardrobe

The Affordable James Bond Wardrobe: Suits

In this article, we look at selecting a suit to for your affordable James Bond wardrobe, discussing fit and what styles and colors to select.

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4 Ways to Wear the James Bond Safari Jacket

In this “4 Ways to Wear It” article, we combine different alternatives for the James Bond Safari Jacket with other 007 clothing to create various looks.

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The James Bond Safari Jacket

Updated June 26th, 2022 – Affordable alternatives for the James Bond safari jacket made famous by Roger Moore in The Man With The Golden Gun and Moonraker.

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