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The Affordable James Bond Apartment

Updated August 25th, 2019 – Let’s take a break from clothing, shall we? There’s more than one way to inject a little 007 style into your life. We’ve posted before about appreciating a fine whisky and the ritual of the morning Bond style shave. Now we’re going to look at how you can start designing your affordable James Bond apartment.

Which, if you go by the interior decorating skills Bond displays in SPECTRE, ain’t that hard. I know his job as a secret agent keeps him away from home a lot. But seriously: he could at least buy a stand for his flat screen! Still, it’s easy to imagine he has slightly more pressing matters on hand…

Having said that, the few pieces he does have demonstrate excellent taste. Aside from the electronics, Bond definitely leans to the traditional. The furniture consists of a simple high-quality leather chair, a rustic wooden coffee table and what appears to be a wine-colored, crushed velvet sofa with some throw pillows. Lighting is provided by the classic Anglepoise and a simple wood floor lamp with a classic white shade.

Affordable James Bond Apartment
Although judging by the placement of the lamp, Bond apparently likes to read while he’s lying on the floor ….

The finishing touches, most of which still live on the floor, including a gilt-framed painting of a horse, some framed black and white photographs, and an antique Persian rug. Oh, and books. Lots and lots of books stacked everywhere. And Jack of course.

Affordable James Bond Apartment
A behind-the-scenes production photo of the SPECTRE Bond apartment set, giving us a clearer look at some of the key pieces.
The philosophy behind the design?

I’m not going to attempt to psychoanalyze Bond via his decorating choices. However, when we look more closely at his apartment, there are some key takeaways we can apply to our own domiciles.

  • Keep it simple. All the core pieces Bond owns have strong shapes and simple designs. And he definitely doesn’t crowd the place. There’s space to breathe, think and move around.
  • Focus on textures rather than patterns. Those core pieces are solid colors that emphasize texture. The clearest example is the pairing of the soft velvet of the couch with the rough natural wood of the coffee table.
  • Don’t worry about matching. The different pieces work together because they all make a consistent statement about the man. He appreciates quality. He understands tradition and his heritage. And he believes form should follow function. Each piece is telling that same story in its own way. That allows for a cohesive design without resorting to matching fabrics.
  • When in doubt, go for the classics. The Anglepoise lamp has been around for 80 years. That Persian rug looks like an antique. And the leather chair is a timeless barrel style. This ties into Bond’s appreciation of heritage and his practicality. He wants designs that have proven themselves and he knows will work.

If we had to boil all of this down to one word, it would be “character”. Yes, the apartment is spartan and unfinished. But it looks lived in. The few items that do occupy the space are interesting. You can believe they share a history with the owner and were selected with care. And he’s comfortable with what he has.

Affordable James Bond Apartment
This is not a man who is fighting with his couch ….

Now, this isn’t a feeling you can create overnight. It takes time and patience. It really pays to invest in one piece at a time. So that’s why we’re starting with a few basics and drawing inspiration from the classic Bond of film and literature to fill in some gaps. And we’ve thrown in a couple of fun odds and ends just keep things interesting!

The Leather Barrel Club Chair
Leather Chairs of Bath Leather Amsterdam Chair: approximately £1500.00/$2000.00

Affordable James Bond Apartment

Leather Chairs of Bath is one company that has happily embraced its connection with 007. Their Amsterdam Chair was a key piece used to decorate Bond’s rather sparsely furnished apartment in SPECTRE. And it’s the classic barrel-style shape, rustic leather and simple detailing do seem to be a good match for the personality of Craig’s Bond. It’s a chair you could definitely see him enjoying. The truth is I’m a big fan of genuine leather chairs and see them as an investment. With proper care, they can easily last decades. Yes, $2000 may seem a little steep upfront. But when you realize that the actual cost per year could work out to less than $100, their true value becomes obvious.

Alcott Hill Barrel Chair: on sale for $196.99

Affordable James Bond Apartment

However, some of us just don’t have $2000 to spend on a leather chair, regardless of its long-term value. If that’s your situation, then take a look at the Alcott Hill Barrel Chair. It’s made from faux-leather (not surprising at this price point). But the reviews on Wayfair are very positive on both the looks and the quality of the construction. They also note that the size of the chair is on the smallish side. And of course, there’s always the option of buying used from eBay or Craig’s List. If you’d like tips and strategies for scoring the best deals on thrift sites, start with this article.

Warin Chocolate Leather Club Chair: $795.00

It’s not cheap. But it is significantly less expensive than the original and that’s a pretty good price for a genuine top-grain leather piece of furniture. Warin has gone with a darker leather and a tufted “Chesterfield” design, with nailhead trim on the front. So not exactly the same as Bond’s chair. But it is definitely in the same style family. The Warin is available at Houzz. But they only have 4 left in stock.

And of course there’s always the option of buying used from Ebay or Craig’s List. If you’d like tips and strategies for scoring the best deals on thrift sites, start with this article.

The Table Lamp
Anglepoise Original 1227 Desk Lamp in Jet Black: $285.00/£175.00

Affordable James Bond Apartment

Ah, the iconic Anglepoise. Invented by car designer George Carwardine, the first four-spring model was released in 1933. It was subsequently re-worked into a three-spring version for the consumer market, and in 1935, Model 1227 was born. And it’s a near-perfect balance of industrial functionality and stripped-down elegance has remained virtually unchanged ever since. There are many imitators out there. But 1227 is the true original.

Ozias 34″ Desk Lamp: on sale for $43.99

As I said, there are many Anglepoise 1227 imitators. Seriously, you won’t lack for options in the $15 to $60 range. This option from Ozias is more expensive than your typical Wal-mart version. But there are a few subtle design tweaks that help it stand out from the crowd, like the angled bottom arms and the bronze brackets connecting the shade. It also has a built-in USB charging port for your phone, which could come in handy.

Antique Car Prints (unframed): $9.99 to $12.99

Affordable James Bond Apartment Affordable James Bond Apartment

I’m not the biggest fan of Bond’s decór circa Dr. No. Green walls and ornate gold sconces just ain’t my thing. But the classic, antique car lithographs he has hanging on his bedroom wall are very fun! Bond uses simple, dark brown wood frames for the five he has. Depending on your budget you can go with more inexpensive prints, like the one above from All Posters. If you’re looking to make a bit more of an investment, you can find original lithographs on etsy for around $50.00 or at Fine Rare Prints for $75.00. It’s worth checking out Ebay as well. The best part is you get to mix and match the cars you like to create your own set.

The Little Details
Royal Doulton Jack Bulldog Skyfall Edition: $850.00/£425.00

Affordable James Bond Apartment

What more can we say about good ol’ Jack? M’s little desk buddy has become a fan favorite collectible. As you can clearly see from the insane prices some people are asking on Amazon for the now discontinued original. Meanwhile, on Ebay prices for used ones start around $500. And they ain’t that common.

Royal Doulton Jack the Bulldog SPECTRE Edition: on sale for $78.24/£65.00

Affordable James Bond Apartment

You could always go with “blown-up” Jack from SPECTRE! If you can you wait until September, the 007 Store is expecting a restock at this more reasonable price. If you can’t wait, there’s one available on Amazon U.S. for $175.00. And a few others on Amazon UK for £139.94.

The Kitchen
Chemex® 6 Cup Classic Coffee Maker: $41.32/£42.63

Affordable James Bond Apartment

In the novel From Russia With Love, Fleming described Bond’s morning coffee routine. Two large cups of strong java from De Bry, brewed using a Chemex, and consumed black without sugar. The Chemex Classic Coffee Maker was invented in 1941 by chemist Dr. Peter Schlumbohm. The deceptively simple design was inspired in equal parts by lab glassware and the Bauhaus movement. But the real key to its success was the double-bonded filters, which he also designed. So if you want your morning cup like Bond’s, this is the way to do it.

Wild and Wolf “Q” Scrabble Mug: £18.90/$35.90

Affordable James Bond Apartment

Well, you can’t drink directly from the Chemex! Q’s “Q” mug from Skyfall is another one of those fun, inexpensive collectibles that fans loved. The Wild and Wolf mug with the correct font for the “Q” is only available in the UK, unfortunately.

Matt Sherman’s James Bond’s Cuisine in Paperback: $27.51

Affordable James Bond Apartment

Matt Sherman, of James Bond Tours and Spy Events fame, is also an author! And if the reviews on Amazon are anything to go by, he’s a damn good one. The title of his James Bond Cuisine: 007’s Every Last Meal: Every Bite and Sip of the World’s Greatest Agent may be a mouthful (HA! I made a funny!). But the work itself is a thorough and comprehensive investigation of Bond’s breakfasts, lunches, dinners, drinks, favorite restaurants and much, much more. If you love food and 007, then this reference guide was written for you.

The Complete Guide to the Drinks of James Bond: £11.85/$19.77

Written by our friend David Leigh (who also hosts The James Bond Dossier and wrote an article for us on Bond summer drinks), this guide covers pretty much everything you need to know to enjoy some 007 inspired cocktails at home. Sure, Craig’s Bond was a Macallan-man when he was relaxing on his own couch. But it can also be fun to mix up something a little different now and again.

In Part 2 of our series on the James Bond apartment, we look at some of the larger furniture, extra lighting and more fun odds and ends. And if you have any ideas for what you’d like to have in your Bond-inspired apartment, share away in the comments!

The featured image for this post was sourced from The Hollywood Reporter.

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9 thoughts on “The Affordable James Bond Apartment

  • You mention the Anglepoise 1227, the Original is not the original. It was a special release for the 75th anniversary by Anglepoise in 2009 and is sadly made in the PRC I understand. I have one and it is a very nice light, but has key differences, not least it is slightly smaller than the pre 69 model. It has all metal fittings though the springs are not adjustable the arm tension is. It has a modern retro look and definitely shows it’s heritage. New around £230ish, but good second hand about half, of course you need to get a black one for that Bond look.

    However the are other alternatives, and actually they are the originals, the 1960’s version comes up quite often for less than £100 on eBay, the main difference from the one in James’s flat is the bulb holder and the use of some plastic fittings, but at a glance you would not know the difference.

    The one in the picture is a 1950’s model, and somewhat rarer, but again come up for sale anything from £75 for one that needs a lot of work, but make sure it is has the rolled rim and metal fittings. Often they will not have the Crabtree bulb holder as these are bakelite are know to break, hence even rarer. James’s one has the original holder as far as can be seen.

    For a original as seen in the flat I would expect to pay £300 or more for a lamp in good condition with the all important features. I have seen then lamps for more than that and they are still not pristine.

    It should be noted, the lamp was not originally going to be on that side of the room, and was moved around to get best “mood” lighting rather than being overly practical to a man not often at home….but who reads a lot.

  • Sorry, but as a (wannabe) classy woman, I would not be impressed, rather dissapointed, if Mr (wannabe-) Bond took me to a place like this!
    Think of the place where he meets M in Casino Royale, sitting on a Mies van der Rohe chair.
    I do adore the interiors featured in the films through the decades: The hotel rooms, the homes and workplaces of the villains.
    The stage/interior designers do great jobs there.
    Needless to say, I’d love to see more!

    • Hi! I took it offline while I update it. It was about 2 years out of date so alot of the pieces weren’t available any more. I’ll publish it again on Tues or Wed next week!

  • has any body ever noticed the magic chair in this scene

  • Would love to know what books were placed in his apartment in that scene.


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