The James Bond No Time To Die Cuba Jacket

To start, let me say that we’re still not 100% percent certain what the James Bond No Time To Die Cuba jacket is. But so far all signs are pointing to it being the Barbour X Engineered Garments Graham Jacket.

Barbour X Engineered Garments Graham Jacket Navy Blue
The screen used jacket (we think). Which is sold out everywhere (of course).


The shots we’ve seen in the movie trailers, the BTS footage from director Cary Joji Fukunaga and the Omega video of 007 Bond wearing it reveal many of the jacket’s details that match with the Graham’s design: the raglan sleeves, the bigger collar with exposed snap button and the throat latch. So I think we can be fairly confident this is the right model.

James Bond No Time To Die Cuba Jacket
Close-up of the Grahams zipper and storm flap closure and collar with throat latch and snap buttons. As we can see, things line up pretty nicely with 007’s jacket.

David Zaritsky of The Bond Experience has a great video where he explores the details of the Graham Jacket in depth. And James Bond Lifestyle’s article on the jacket also provides lots of helpful information. Both are worth checking out if you want to learn more!


Features Wanted for the James Bond No Time To Die Cuba Jacket
  • Lighter weight waxed cotton shell
  • Navy blue color
  • Shorter length
  • Zipper closure with a wider snap button storm flap
  • Raglan sleeves
  • Larger collar with detachable snap-on throat latch
  • Open hem and cuffs with interior knit cuffs
  • Welted side pockets
  • Game pocket at the back

That’s quite the list for what, at first glance, seems like a simple jacket. When it comes to alternatives, there’s obviously a few features we’ll need to sacrifice. With one exception, I didn’t find any options with a rear game pocket. And, surprisingly, raglan sleeves were rarer than I thought they’d be. That larger collar with the throat latch is also a distinctive Barbour design detail that most other brands don’t copy. As for the exposed snap button on the collar point: if you really want it try these for a DIY solution.

James Bond No Time To Die Cuba Jacket

I’ve heard people describe Bond’s Cuba jacket in different ways. Some have said it looks like a Coach’s jacket. Others seem to feel it has more of a workwear vibe. Personally, the style reminds me of a traditional U.S. Navy A-2 Deck jacket. Which would fit nicely with Engineered Garments’ history of finding inspiration in heritage military wear. So I’ve done something a little different with organizing the alternatives in this post and I’m dividing them into two categories: “Utility Jackets” and “Coach’s Jackets”. The alternatives in each category have their pros and cons, which I’ve noted. But first we need to look at an option from the actual manufacturer of the Graham Jacket.


Best Barbour Option for the James Bond No Time To Die Cuba Jacket
Barbour SL Unlined Bedale Jacket in Navy: $295.00/£249.00

Barbour Unlined Bedale Coat

Barbour clearly states on the Graham Jacket’s product page that its design is a “reinvention” of their classic Beaufort model. But for my money, I think the unlined Bedale from their White Label collection comes closer to delivering the look we want. Yes, it’s longer than the Graham. And it has the bellows pockets and it’s missing the snap button on the collar. However, I feel that the Bedale’s shorter length will work better for the look we want (it hits about mid-hip depending on your height). Plus, we still get that unique collar design with the throat latch and the raglan sleeves. End Clothing has sizes 36 to 42 in stock. If you really have your heart set on the longer Beaufort, End also has the unlined version of that model for $319.00/£319.00.


Best Options for the James Bond No Time To Die Cuba Jacket

I’m going to share three “Best Options” this time so that we’re covering the different price points and jacket styles.


Harriton M705 Auxiliary Canvas Work Jacket in Dark Navy: $39.99

James Bond No Time To Die Cuba Jacket budget alternative

What’s it missing? The Graham’s dramatic collar and raglan sleeves. What’s it got? Pretty much everything else we’re looking for style-wise. The shell fabric is an 8oz 80% polyester, 20% cotton blend canvas that they’ve coated for water resistance. So the jacket has more of a matte finish. We also get the zipper and five snap button closure front with a slightly wider placket. And the front welt pockets and open cuffs and hem. The length looks to be spot on as well. Lots to like for that price! I’ve linked to Overstock above where they have sizes XS to XL. If you play the coupon game there, I’m sure you can get the price down closer to thirty bucks. You can also search around for the make and model number. I’ve seen it cheaper elsewhere, but I’m not sure how trustworthy some of those other sites are.


Wax London Berg Coach Jacket in Navy: on sale for $74.00/£56.00

James Bond No Time To Die Cuba Jacket budget alternative

It’s missing that dramatic collar and the raglan sleeves. And Wax London has gone with a waterproof nylon rather than a waxed cotton. But the Berg Coach Jacket has the right length, the welted pockets and the tonal buttons (no zipper unfortunately). In other words, if you want a light jacket to throw on for a “Bond style” evening stroll, it will give us the right look at an affordable price. The only bad news? They’re down to sizes large and XL on the Wax London website and at Threads.


Billy Reid Waxed Deck Jacket in Dark Navy: on sale for $270.00

James Bond No Time To Die Cuba Jacket budget alternative

I mentioned above that the Graham reminds me of a traditional A-2 Deck Jacket. So here’s a traditional deck jacket from a fan favorite Bond brand! This one ain’t cheap. But it captures a lot of the Graham’s details. The outer shell material is a 100% waxed cotton, crafted by heritage Scottish fabric makers Halley Stevensons. It also has the zip front with wider storm placket (traditional buttons though) and the length is a good match. Last but not least, it has the game pocket at the back! The only negative is its corduroy collar (although the stow away waxed cotton hood is a nice practical addition). I’ve linked to Amazon above where sizes small to XXL are in stock. You can also find it at Nordstrom for the same sale price if that’s your preferred retailer.


The Utility Jackets
Lands’ End Chore Coat in Classic Navy: on sale for $77.97/£72.00

James Bond No Time To Die Cuba Jacket budget alternative

This soooo could’ve been the “Best Option”! Chest pocket and brass studs aside, the Lands’ End Chore Coat really nails that Bond-in-Cuba vibe we’re looking for. The problem? It’s lightly insulated with 100 gram Primaloft. Although, to be honest, at this sale price I’d be tempted to buy it and just rip the inside lining and insulation right out! How hard could it be? On the other hand, maybe you want a slightly warmer jacket. In which case: Voilà! You’ll find sizes XS to XXL on the Lands’ End website. For those of you in the UK, Debenhams has the best price and a good selection of sizes left. Shame about Debenhams closing down. I always found good alternatives there.


Mango Nylon Worker Jacket in Dark Navy: $99.99/£69.99

James Bond No Time To Die Cuba Jacket budget alternative

Well, it’s not short on patch pockets, that’s for sure! But the zipper and snap button placket closure (with tonal studs) and matte finish navy polyester shell give it a suitable “techy” workwear feel. It’s also slightly cropped in the length, so it doesn’t look like a longer field jacket when you’re wearing it. Mango has sizes small to XXL in stock. Just remember: this is Mango and they tend to fit slim!


Stan Ray A2 Deck Jacket in Navy Twill: on sale for $159.00/£135.00

James Bond No Time To Die Cuba Jacket budget alternative

Another deck jacket inspired alternative. Stan Ray is well known for their Painter and Fatigue pants and their focus on “authentic” design. Their take on the A2 is a great example of that. It does have a light pile lining, so it’s better suited for cooler weather. But for those of you who like their outerwear to come with some “heritage details” (including the knit interior cuffs!) this is a solid alternative. End Clothing has sizes small, large and XL in stock. If the A-2 design appeals to you, you may also want to check out this version from Deus Ex Machina for $145.00.


Rogue Territory Denim Peacoat in Indigo: on sale for $199.00

James Bond No Time To Die Cuba Jacket budget alternative

If workwear style is more your thing, I think this option does a solid job of capturing the look we want. Coming to us from the makers of Bond’s NTTD Garage Jacket, Rogue Territory has has used a 13.5oz dark indigo Japanese denim that will fade and “patina” with wear to give the fabric a similar character to well-loved waxed cotton. And although it has a regular button front closure (with no zipper), we still get the raglan sleeves, the welted pockets and the unlined construction. Now, since it’s called a “Peacoat”, I’m sure some of you are worried about the length. Judging from the pics on the product page for another version of the jacket on the RgT website, the hem hits about mid-hip. So a little longer than ideal, but not super long. UNCRATE Supply has sizes small to XL available. But it is final sale, so no returns!


The Coach’s Jackets
Kings of New York Nylon Windbreaker Coaches Jacket in Navy Blue: $32.99

James Bond No Time To Die Cuba Jacket budget alternative

The no-frills, affordable alternative. Kings of New York have done a slightly elevated take on the good ol’ Coach’s jacket. The shell is 100% nylon. But it looks like they’ve managed to keep the sheen to a minimum. It also has a lightweight polyester lining and cotton rib knit cuffs. Amazon has sizes small to 3XL available.


Hill City Utility Shirt Jacket in Navy: $69.00 to $79.00

James Bond No Time To Die Cuba Jacket budget alternative

This one’s a little tricky. The jacket is from the now defunct brand Hill City (it was Gap’s attempt to attract the Lululemon crowd). And as an alternative for the Graham, it’s certainly worth a mention. The shell fabric is 100% nylon treated with a water resistant coating that gives it more of a matte finish. It also has the zip and snap button placket front closure. Those are flapped pockets that you see, but you could tuck them in to give the pockets a more welted look. So, all in all, not bad for the price. Now the weird part. Because Hill City is no longer in business, you can only get them on Ebay. And each size is an individual listing. I’ve linked to the size large above. For a size medium go here. You’ll find more size larges  here and here. And there is an XXL here.


General Admission Coach Windbreaker in Navy: $150.00

James Bond No Time To Die Cuba Jacket budget alternative

There are a few things that make this coaches jacket worth sharing. First, it’s made in Los Angeles (a nice feature for those of you who are pro made in the U.S.A.). Second, the Japanese nylon they’ve used has more of a matte finish, so the “shiny” factor we see in cheaper jackets is minimized. And third, in the product pics with model it actually looks like it has a larger collar than usual. Again, a detail that lines up well with the Graham. Garmentory has sizes small to XL available.


We’re still barely into the Spring season, so I’m sure more alternatives for the James Bond No Time To Die Cuba jacket will be showing up. I’ll keep updating this post as I find them. In the meantime, if you have any thoughts on the jacket leave them in the comments below! And remember to visit our Facebook pageInstagram account, Twitter account and Pinterest Boards for more James Bond style advice and inspiration!

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  • March 24, 2021 at 1:40 pm

    This site is either a blessing or a curse on my wallet. Within this post, I bought the Billy Reid jacket and it is one of my favorites (I have plenty of jackets). I haven’t worn it with grey jeans, Sperry’s and a black shirt yet, but that’s coming. I love what you’re doing with the site and my Bond-style wardrobe consists of many of the items you’ve highlighted. Thanks.

    • March 24, 2021 at 4:42 pm

      My pleasure, Vin! I hope we lean more to the “Blessing” than the “Curse”! I have to say, that Billy Reid really tempted me as well. Wear it in good health!

  • February 26, 2021 at 10:58 am

    Any leads on the ball cap ID?

    • February 26, 2021 at 10:59 am

      Lots of talk of it being a Barbour ball cap as well. But I haven’t seen anything confirmed yet.

  • February 23, 2021 at 9:19 pm

    I love the look of the jacket so far. I love The navy. This very well could be something that I have a hard time finding, as someone that is short and slim. I may give one of these a try, but at 5’5 not too sure!


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