The James Bond No Time To Die Henley

It’s a “two for the price of one” post! You don’t need to decide which James Bond No Time To Die henley is your favorite. Because we’re going to be looking at both them here. The well-known Rag & Bone long-sleeve one he wears with his Massimo Alba duster and the N.Peal commando sweater (options for that in this post). And the still unknown short sleeve version he wears on vacation in Matera with Madeleine. Let’s get to it!


The Long Sleeve No Time To Die Henley

James Bond No Time To Die Rag and Bone Long Sleeve Henley


This shirt was identified pretty early on during the initial publicity for film. I first heard it was from Rag & Bone from AJB007 forum member cederic0011 back in October, 2019. And the great news is it’s still available. You’ll find plenty of sizes available on Matches Fashion ($150.00/£115.00) and at Nordstrom (also $150.00). Mr. Porter also regularly stocks it for the same price.


Features Wanted for the Long Sleeve No Time To Die Henley
  • Off-white, ivory or natural color
  • Slub Cotton
  • Longer 3 button woven placket with distressed metal buttons
  • Rib Knit Cuffs (a little longer than what you’d typically find)
  • Straight hem

Let’s start by stating that those distressed metal buttons are very much a Rag & Bone thing. So unless you want to go with the repro (more on that below), the exact buttons are a style detail that needs to be sacrificed. But other than that, there are some very solid alternatives out there.


Best Option for the Long Sleeve No Time To Die Henley
Selected Homme Ben Overdye Split Neck T-shirt in Bone White: $35.00/£22.00

James Bond No Time To Die Long Sleeve Henley alternative

So why did this one receive the honor of being named “Best Option”? A few reasons. The “Bone White” slub fabric is a good match in both color and texture. It also has the longer cuffs and straight hem. The collar and woven placket have the look we want. Plus, there’re lots of sizes available. And last, but certainly not least, AJB007 forum member Hold Command is very happy with his and I definitely trust his opinion. It’s not the cheapest option on the list. But it’s a solid choice at a reasonable price from a fairly well respected brand. Selected UK has sizes small to 2XL in stock. On Asos U.S., they’re sold out of size large and 2XL. If need one of those sizes, you can also get the henley at Thread for $36.00. Note that this is a slim fit, so considering sizing up if you want a more relaxed look.


Under $20.00
Apt 9 Henley in White: on sale for $14.99

James Bond No Time To Die Long Sleeve Henley affordable alternative

There’s definitely worse ways to spend fifteen bucks. I think it’s pretty obvious from the product photo that we’re not getting the thickest material here. But other details are actually a pretty darn good match. The fabric has that slub texture. The collar shape and placket come close to what we want. It even has the rib knit cuffs and straight hem. If you’re in the market for a lighter weight henley, this should get the job done until you’re ready to invest a little more. Sizes small to XXL are available on the Kohl’s website.


Old Navy Textured-Knit Long Sleeve Henley in Feta: on sale for $19.97

James Bond No Time To Die Long Sleeve Henley budget

It comes in under twenty dollars. So try not to expect too much. I’ve seen this one in-store. And while it has the look we want (I’ve also shown the shirt in blue to give you a better idea of the texture), the fabric isn’t the greatest. A little stiff and scratchy. But it could soften up in time. And it does have 4.7 stars out of 5 after 90 reviews on the Old Navy page. So you don’t have to take my word for it.  As an extra temptation, Old Navy has a sale going on at the time of writing that knocks another 20% off the price. Plenty of sizes left in stock on their website.


Under $50.00
MVP Goswell Slub Henley Top in Neutral: on sale for $33.60

James Bond No Time To Die Long Sleeve Henley affordable alternative

It’s 100% slub cotton in a great color. It has the rib knit cuffs and the straight hem. And there’s plenty of sizes available at a good price. So why isn’t this one the “Best Option”? The corners of the collar are more squared off than we see on the Rag & Bone and it’s missing the woven fabric placket. Yes, we’re getting into that ridiculous level of detail to justify not giving it the top spot. But the truth is I’d be fine and dandy wearing the MVP as an alternative. You’ll find sizes XS to XXL at Thread.


Treasure & Bond Slub Knit Henley: $49.00

James Bond No Time To Die Long Sleeve Henley affordable alternative

Another solid alternative that checks almost all the boxes … except it’s missing that woven fabric placket. This option is coming to us from Nordstrom and they have sizes small to XXXL in stock. Could be a great choice for you really big guys!


Under $100
Buck Mason Field-Spec Cotton Surplus Henley in Natural Venice Wash: $65.00

James Bond No Time To Die Long Sleeve Henley affordable alternative

Probably not the best match for the Rag & Bone. But I felt compelled to include it on the list just because I like it so much. Buck Mason has gone with a thicker cotton jersey and the overall cut is a little more relaxed than Bond’s henley. So the vibe might be more “work wear” than “secret agent”. Think of it as the heavier, winter-worthy alternative. They have sizes XS to medium on their website.


HNLY Venice Henley in White: $85.00

James Bond No Time To Die Long Sleeve Henley affordable alternative

When you name your company after a specific style of shirt, I’ll assume you produce a decent alternative. And hnly actually has two. I’m featuring their “Venice” model here. The slub cotton fabric, the rib knit cuffs, straight hem, and metal buttons are just what we want. As for the color: I’m pretty sure that their “white” is actually white and not eggshell, ivory or creme. So that’s a strike against it. On the other hand, hnly makes their shirts in Los Angeles from 100% cotton organic. And I’m happy to give them points for that. The other model you may want to check out is the Bourdain. It’s a slightly heavier jersey cotton and it has a curved hem. But the collar and cuffs on that one are closer to the Rag & Bone.


Save Khaki United Long Sleeve Supima Jersey Henley in Ash: $90.00

James Bond No Time To Die Long Sleeve Henley affordable alternative

Oh, that’s pretty! A quick rundown of the specs: it’s made in the U.S. using 100% Supima cotton that was grown in the U.S. It has the straight hem and rib knit cuffs we want. And that Ash color is a really nice match for Bond’s henley. Still not convinced? Check out the closeup pic of the awesome flatlock stitching on the SKU website. It’s a geeky detail, but I love stuff like that. They have sizes XS to XXL in stock.


The Repro
Magnoli Clothiers Slub Henley: $75.00/£47.43

I’m a little reluctant to share repros for products when the original is still out there and easily available. But Indy has done a lot for the Bond-fan community. And (distressed metal buttons aside) an off-white henley isn’t exactly a rarity. So here it is. Magnoli has gone with a cotton/poly blend slub fabric. The other style details are, as you’d expect, very close to the Rag & Bone henley. I would just recommend that you check out the sizing chart if you order one. Apparently they run a little large? I’ve linked to Amazon above for the U.S. price (where there’s also a $12 shipping fee). However the price drops to $65 if you order directly from their website.


The Short Sleeve No Time To Die Henley

James Bond No Time To Die Matera Henley

Nope. We still don’t know who made the shirt Bond wears with his blue Connolly jacket and Massimo Alba trousers. Honestly, I don’t know what else to say about it at this point. So let’s move right along to the analyzing the style details we’ve managed to pick up from the few photos we have of the henley.


Features Wanted for the Short Sleeve No Time To Die Henley
  • White cotton or cotton blend slub fabric
  • Slightly more relaxed fit with fuller sleeves
  • Shorter, two button placket with top button closing on the collar
  • Pale brown buttons

James Bond No Time To Die Matera Henley

That collar and placket design are really important if you want to nail the look. Especially the placement of the top button hole on the collar instead of just below it, as we see on most henleys. And if you look carefully at the closeup photo above, it seems like the placket actually extends past the collar, almost like a flap. That’s a tough detail to match.

Madeleine Swann James Bond No Time To Die Matera Henley

Ironically, we get the best look at the fabric so far when Madeleine’s wearing Bond’s shirt. The photo above clearly shows the henley’s slub texture and thicker placket. Unfortunately, almost all the true slub cotton alternatives I could find had a 3 button placket. So they didn’t make the cut. That color could also be a little tricky. I read it at as slightly off-white. But not as much as the Rag & Bone. Then again, that could just be the lighting or the fact that the thinner material is allowing the skin tone to show through. Like the rest of you, it’s killing me to find out who made this one.


Best Option for the Short Sleeve No Time To Die Henley
Peak Velocity Short Sleeve Henley Shirt in White: $8.39 to $24.00

James Bond No Time To Die Short Sleeve Henley Budget alternative

In my opinion this option does a great job of capturing the look we want. Especially with that top button closing right on the collar. Since this is from Amazon’s in-house athleisure line, I have a gut feeling it will fit a little slimmer than the Goodthreads option above. I’d recommend checking the sizing chart to see if you want to go a size up to get a slightly more relaxed fit. But the fabric is a 58% Pima cotton, 38% Modal, 4% elastane. So there’s plenty of natural material in the mix and it doesn’t look “shiny techy” in the product photos. Plenty of sizes left at Amazon U.S. But since Amazon UK doesn’t seem to want to carry their own products sometimes, I unfortunately couldn’t find it there.


Under $50
Jacamo Grandad Henley T-Shirt in White: on sale for $9.60

James Bond No Time To Die Short Sleeve Henley Budget alternative

Yeah, yeah, I know. I said the button hole in the collar was a key detail. And this one doesn’t have that. But the Jacamo is still a really solid option at a hard to beat price. It even has the slightly wider cuffs on the sleeves that seem to be part of the design of Craig’s shirt. And in the product photos, the 100% cotton fabric seems to have a slightly slubby texture to it. Thread has plenty of sizes in stock. But the sizing drop-down menu on the website is a little confusing so you’ll need to look carefully to find the one you need.


Alfani Soft Touch Stretch Henley in Bright White: on sale for $17.99

James Bond No Time To Die Short Sleeve Henley Budget alternative

A great alternative suggested by AJB007 forum member Paperbill and the shirt David Zaritsky wore in his Mango jacket review vlog. The fabric is actually a polyester/rayon/spandex blend, which had me worrying it would have a bit of a sheen to it. But honestly, I think it looks pretty good after seeing it IRL in the video. And the placket certainly looks short enough. Sizes small to 2XL are available at Macy’s. And remember: Alfani is a Bond approved brand!


J.Crew Short Sleeve Pique Henley Shirt in White: $19.39 to $21.33/£9.50

James Bond No Time To Die Short Sleeve Henley Budget alternative

An interesting option from the well-known retailer. Because the fabric is a pique knit, it looks more like a polo shirt without the collar than a slub knit henley. But that, imho, gives it a bit of character some of us may appreciate. The price also certainly helps. Since J.Crew no longer carries this model, you have to hunt around a little for deadstock. Amazon has the best selection of sizes in the U.S. In the UK, Asos is down to sizes XL and 2XL.


Goodthreads Vintage Washed Short Sleeve Henley in Vintage White: $20.00

James Bond No Time To Die Short Sleeve Henley Budget alternative

The second option from the Amazon design team. This is the more traditional alternative. The Goodthreads henley uses 100% slub cotton (hurray!) and features a two button placket and a straight hem. The slightly wider sleeves are a nice match for Bond’s shirt. However this one has a rib knit collar and that placket is longer than Bond’s based on what I’ve been able to pick out from the on-set photos. So not perfect. But it’s certainly not a bad choice for twenty bucks.


Lands’ End Short Sleeve Super-T Henley: $29.95/£13.20

James Bond No Time To Die Short Sleeve Henley Budget alternative

There’s not much that distinguishes this one from the Goodthreads option. Although I do like that the Lands’ End henley has what looks to be a shorter placket. It seems a little more screen accurate. But, sadly, it also has the rib neck. Plenty of sizes left in stock on their website. For those of you in the UK, Debenhams has sizes small and medium at that sale price.


Banana Republic Heritage Heavyweight Henley T-Shirt in Khaki Beige: on sale for $32.99

James Bond No Time To Die Short Sleeve Henley Budget alternative

It still has the rib knit collar. And the placket isn’t screen accurate. The color is also a little more “ivory” than ideal. But there’s still something about this alternative that’s calling to me. Maybe it’s the rib knit sleeve cuffs? Or maybe I’ve just been staring at so many white henleys that when something a little different crosses my screen it catches my eye.  Whatever the reason, I like it. You’ll find plenty of sizes on the Banana Republic website. Also pay attention to the frequent discount codes they offer. Those will drop the price down 40% to 50% more, making this a real steal.


The Investment Pieces
Hemen Biarritz Luzien Organic Cotton-Jersey Henley Top: $60.00/£55.00

James Bond No Time To Die Short Sleeve Henley Budget alternative

This is my “think outside the box” alternative. Yes, it’s the least screen accurate alternative on the list. But the ribbed cuffs and hem give it a sort of henley-meets-sweater vibe that I really like. They’re also the kind of design details that I think define Bond’s style: take something basic and then elevate it with subtle, elegant touches. Plus I think it would great when paired with the Connolly jacket and Massimo Alba cords. If you want to give it a try, sizes small to large are available on the Matches Fashion website.


James Perse Cotton Blend Short Sleeve Henley in Silver: on sale for $64.97

James Bond No Time To Die Short Sleeve Henley Budget alternative

Bad news first. The fabric has a slight greyish tint to it. Which is why the color is called “Silver”. And the buttons are a dark grey. But that squared-off collar with the button hole and the overall cut definitely capture the style of Bond’s Matera henley. James Perse is also a brand that will be familiar to fans of Craig’s wardrobe from another film (hint: it involved a girl and a tattoo). Nordstrom Rack still has sizes 3, 4, and 5 (basically large, XL and XXL) in stock. I know in the past the fit of James Perse t-shirts was on the large size. But based on my experience, their more recent shirts tend to fit small. For example, I’m a medium in almost everything and a size 3 fits me just fine. If you’re an XL or 2XL, you can also find the shirt on Ebay for $34.99.


Have a suggestion for an alternative for a No Time To Die henley? Or maybe you have some insight into whatever brand that short sleeve one is? Share away in the comments below! And if you’re looking for more style inspiration, check out Iconic Alternatives on FacebookInstagram, Twitter and Pinterest!

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5 thoughts on “The James Bond No Time To Die Henley

  • April 3, 2021 at 10:39 pm

    I just bought a J Crew slub cotton version. The color is off-white. It cost $22.00. Regular shirt buttons. Overall, it seems like a viable alternative.

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  • February 21, 2021 at 9:55 pm

    I have the Apt 9. version. It’s somewhat see through, but not altogether transparent. I used to own the screen version from R&B, I unloaded it. I wasn’t as much of a fan of its color, seems more off-white than white, as mentioned above. They are pretty different, but that is to be expected from budget items. The Apt 9 is much more white and for $15 bucks it’s a can’t miss. I also have a short sleeve version of it I liked it that well. Even in a long sleeve version it will be good to wear in the hot summer months. Hope this info is helpful.

    • February 22, 2021 at 5:21 am

      Definitely helpful! I can’t always get to see all the alternatives in person, so insight like this is really appreciated. Cheers!


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