No Time To Die James Bond Jamaica Style

When we first saw the set photos of that No Time To Die James Bond Jamaica style, it seemed like fans were a little torn. Some liked the former MI6 agent’s casual look with the black shirt, grey jeans and sunglasses. Others felt it was it simply wasn’t “Bond” enough, even if he was retired. Especially those boat shoes.

Daniel Craig James Bond No Time To Die Jamaica style
Bond on the Jamaica set for No Time To Die in photos published in the Daily Mail in April, 2019.

And then Eon dropped the sneak peek video and we got to see Bond in action for the first time in almost four years (with “Boom Shot Dis” as the soundtrack). Personally, after watching it, I felt like I understood what they were going for with Bond’s look. And in that context, it worked for me. It also doesn’t deviate much from the now established Craig Bond style ethos. It looks basic. But the devil is in the details.

With spring now here and summer quickly approaching, I thought this was a good time to find re-visit Bond’s Jamaica style for some warm weather inspiration. So in this post we’ll be looking at alternatives for the four key parts of the look: the black shirt, the jeans, the boat shoes and the sunglasses. Bond later wears a blue jacket over the same outfit, and you’ll find alternatives for that in this post. And if you’re looking for options for the watch, we share some over here.


The Shirt

It was some quick hunting by AJB007 Forum member TheExit128 back in 2019 that delivered the make and model of Bond’s Jamaica shirt. He found the Tommy Bahama  Catalina Twill long sleeve shirt in black. The shirt is 100% silk and features a one-piece collar, pick stitching accents, a chest pocket, dark tonal buttons and a straight hem with notches at the side seams. The shirt retails for $115 and is pretty much sold out everywhere. Although sizes do pop up on the Tommy Bahama website every now and again.

James Bond No Time To Die Jamaica Tommy Bahama Shirt
The Tommy Bahama Catalina Shirt in 100% silk, with one piece collar, notched straight hem and pick stitching.


About the Alternatives

Before we start looking at the affordable alternatives, just a couple of things to keep in mind. First, that one-piece collar isn’t an easy thing to find in off-the-rack shirts. So I’ve also searched for camp collar (or revere collar) options. The camp collar also typically one piece but normally does not button all the way to the top. However, given how Bond is wearing his shirt, that doesn’t seem like a big sacrifice.

Daniel Craig James Bond No Time To Die Jamaica shirt sunglasses
Note the unstructured, devil-may-care sprezzatura of the one-piece collar.

Second, alternatives with both the chest pocket AND the one piece collar in an appropriate fabric are rare. In this post, I decided to focus on options with a collar that comes close to the right look. Honestly, if you just want to go with a normal spread collar and a chest pocket there are plenty of altenatives out there. All right, let’s go!


Under $50
New Chic Camp Collar Shirt in Black: $29.99/£22.12

James Bond No Time To Die Jamaica black shirt budget alternative

A low cost, 100% cotton option if you just want to play around with Bond’s Jamaica style. As the product photo shows, this one has a revere collar without the top button. And looking at that neck line, I’m thinking you’re going to be showing off some chest hair when you wear it. Sizes medium to 2XL are available on the website. I’ll also add that I’d never heard of New Chic so I checked them out on Trust Pilot. Conclusion: they’re legit, but the reviews aren’t all that positive.


Asos Relaxed Fit Revere Collar Viscose Shirt in Black: $32.00/£22.00

James Bond No Time To Die Jamaica black shirt budget alternative

For a few bucks more than the New Chic shirt, you can get a very similar style from a brand I know is legit. And it comes with the black buttons. This one from Asos uses a 100% viscose fabric and also has the revere style collar without the top button. Again, it may be a bit more revealing than some of us are comfortable with. They’re also down to just small, medium and 2XL. So if you want a bargain shirt, you may want to act fast!


Under $100
Express Slim Solid Seersucker Shirt in Jet Black: on sale for $52.50

James Bond No Time To Die Jamaica black shirt budget alternative

I know I said I was going to stay away from alternatives with a standard spread collar. But I’m making an exception with this Express one because of the fabric. Express has used a cotton seersucker, which is a very traditional summer material. For those that don’t know, seersucker is woven to be puckered and wrinkled to help with airflow in hot temperatures. It won’t look like the silk twill of the original Tommy Bahama. But it’s a practical fabric, especially for a dark colored shirt, and will probably wear even cooler than Bond’s shirt. Still lots of sizes left at Express.


Paige Hastings Shirt in Black: on sale for $69.97

James Bond No Time To Die Jamaica black shirt budget alternative

And we’re back to revere collars. The fabric is a 55% cotton, 45% rayon which should give it a bit of a silky sheen. It’s also a nice length for wearing untucked and comes with the chest pocket. The sale price is a pleasant bonus, since the MSRP is $149.00. Nordstrom Rack has sizes small to XL in stock.


Under $200
Club Monaco Tencel Lyocell Shirt in Caviar: $119.50

James Bond No Time To Die Jamaica black shirt affordable alternative

And lastly, we have this 100% Lyocell option from Club Monaco. Here we get a revere collar and a (not screen accurate) chest pocket. Again, this is a roomier cut with a shorter hem for wearing untucked. Sizes XS to XL are available on their website.


The Jeans

Thanks to AJB007 members TroyIkeda and TheExit148, we also discovered the jeans Bond’s wearing. They’re a pair from Tom Ford in a light grey selvedge denim (to learn more about selvedge, check out this post). Near as I can tell, they originally retailed for about $600. And there’s still an ongoing argument about whether they’re the straight fit or the slim fit cut. In any event, that exact model is sold out now.

Daniel Craig James Bond No Time To Die Jamaica grey jeans
Tom Ford made in the USA selvedge denim slim-fit jeans, model number BPJ26TFD001 in color K01

However Tom Ford does make a similar style in a similar color this season. The Straight Fir Stretch Japanese Selvedge Denim retails for $760 on the website. But to get a slim fit in the same color as Bond’s pair (K01 Pale Grey) you may be better off going to Harrods where they retail for £670.00/$975.00.

Of course, if you don’t feel like spending $700 to $1000 on a pair of jeans, there are always alternatives! Let’s take a look at those, shall we?


Under $50
Gap Factory Slim Fit Jeans with GapFlex in Gray Mist: on sale for $29.97

James Bond No Time To Die Jamaica grey jeans budget alternative

These are coming from the lower end Factory side of GAP. So don’t expect super high quality. But at least GAP’s slim fit tends to be a little more forgiving. Still a comfortable amount of room through the seat and thighs, a decent rise and a nice taper below the knee. And they’ve used a cotton and synthetic blend denim, with 1% elastane for stretch. That’ll also help with wearability. There’s still a decent selection of sizes left on their website. And make sure to look out for additional discounts! As I write this, GAP is offering an extra 40% off that sale price, which brings the total down to around eighteen bucks!


Goodfellow & Co Slim Fit Lightweight Jeans in Gray: $29.99

James Bond No Time To Die Jamaica grey jeans budget alternative

If you’re just looking for a pair of grey jeans to wear once and while, these could be the best deal on the list. Part of Target’s house brand collection, they’ve used a 98% cotton, 2% elastane denim in a color that’s just a shade lighter than Bond’s jeans. And they also come in a Skinny fit and Straight fit to accommodate different body types.


Under $100
Levi’s 502 Jeans in Cocao Nut: $27.79 to $79.50

James Bond No Time To Die Jamaica grey jeans budget alternative

A tried and true cut coming from the heritage jeans brand. The 502 is a great fit for a lot of body types. A little roomier through the seat and thighs like the classic 501s, but tapered below the knee for a more contemporary look. The denim is a 92% cotton, 6% polyester and 2% elastane blend. So there’s a comfortable amount of stretch and shrinking should be minimal. The color is also great match for the Tom Ford jeans. You’ll find these on Amazon, where the sizing availability is getting spotty. Most of the sizes are around the $55 mark.


Topman Slim Fit Jeans in Grey: $60.00/£29.99

James Bond No Time To Die Jamaica grey jeans budget alternative

They’re a good color match for the Tom Fords. But since these are from the more fashion forward Topman brand, I think their “slim” is going to be a little more “skinny”. The denim is a 99% cotton, 1% elastane blend. Plenty of sizes left on Nordstrom if you’re in the U.S. and on ASOS for those of you in the UK.


Under $200
Hugo Boss Regular Fit Jeans in Pastel Grey: on sale for $103.60

James Bond No Time To Die Jamaica grey jeans budget alternative

These are listed as a “straight” fit. But since the fabric is called “super-stretch denim”, I’d expect them to wear a little tighter. One nice thing about them is the faux-fades: in the product photos, they look more natural than you’d see from a cheaper brand. Macy’s has plenty of sizes available at that sale price, but I’m not sure how long the discount’s going to be valid.


Scotch & Soda Ralston Sand And Stone in Cement Melange: $165.00/£114.95

James Bond No Time To Die Jamaica grey jeans affordable alternative

An alternative from one of Daniel Craig’s favorite denim brands. The color is a little darker and Scotch & Soda have gone with a more distressed look than the Tom Fords. But the Ralston is a popular fit and the brand is known for producing good quality garments. Definitely worth trying them out if you’re more committed to trying the “grey jeans” look.


The Boat Shoes

Daniel Craig James Bond No Time To Die Jamaica boat shoes

Credit to AJB007 Forum member Bond-Ambitions for id’ing these (with a prompt from drum007). They’re the Sperry Gold Cup Authentic Original Rivingston Boat Shoe in Tan, which retailed for $159.95 on the Sperry website. The Rivingstons were a little different than your traditional boat shoe. The uppers were a combination leather, with the main body having a sort of pebble grain while the leather around the collar and eyelets was smooth. They also had a gum sole instead of the traditional white. Unfortunately, this model is now sold out. But if you do ever manage to get your hands on a new pair, I’ll leave it to you to beat the hell outta ’em so they look like you’ve been wearing them for years.

James Bond No Time To Die Jamaica Sperry Gold Cup Rivingston boat shoes

As for alternatives, I couldn’t find any that had that exact same make-up of leather and sole color. But there are a few that come close.


Under $100
Samuel Windsor Prestige Leather Boat Shoes in Brown: on sale for $65.00/£35.00

James Bond No Time To Die Jamaica boat shoes budget alternatives

We’ve shared this alternative more than a few times around here. And it’s because at that sale price they offer pretty amazing value for the money (especially for those of you in the UK). They don’t have the two leather types that Sperry used for the Rivingstons. But the uppers are a high quality Italian leather and they have that darker beige rubber sole we want. Samuel Windsor has UK sizes 5 to 14 in stock. Just remember that those are UK sizes, so make sure to check the size conversion chart.


Clarks Port View Boat Shoe in Mahogany Leather: $77.00/approximately £75.00

James Bond No Time To Die Jamaica boat shoes budget alternatives

A basic alternative from the famous maker of desert boots. Nothing flashy here. But they should be relatively well made. And the Mahogany color of the uppers and the darker soles come close to what Bond is wearing. Amazon seems to have the best price on these right now, with plenty of sizes left on both the U.S. and UK sites.


Rockport Perth Boat Shoes in Chocolate: on sale for $87.50

James Bond No Time To Die Jamaica boat shoes budget alternatives

If you are determined to get that combo leather style, here’s a decent option from Macy’s. They even have the darker colored sole. And say what you want about Rockports being “dad shoes”. They are pretty darn comfortable. Most sizes are still in stock on the website.


Timberland Classic Boat Shoe in Rootbeer: $94.95

James Bond No Time To Die Jamaica boat shoes budget alternatives

Timberland has a tendency to use stiffer, heavier leathers than some other manufacturers. So if you want a more robust boat shoe, these should be worth a look. Just remember you may be in for a bit of a break-in period. You’ll find a full selection of sizes in stock on, where this particular pair currently has 4.5 stars out of 5 after more than 250 reviews.


Under $200
Sperry Gold Cup Authentic Original Glove Leather Boat Shoe in Brown: $159.95

James Bond No Time To Die Jamaica boat shoes alternatives

These ones are from Sperry’s Gold Cup line. So what does all that extra money buy you? For starters, they use a full grain leather for the uppers and finish them with a lambskin lining. You can also expect more comfort from the Ortholite cushioned insole. They’re a jump up in price. But if you’re planning on walking around all day in them, it may be worth it.


The Sunglasses

Daniel Craig James Bond No Time To Die Jamaica

AJB007 Forum member richmenstoys identified Bond’s Jamaica shades pretty quickly. They’re the Vuarnet Legend Model 06 in Brown. And the good news is you can still get them on the Vuarnet website for $240!

James Bond No Time To Die Vuarnet Sunglasses

After spending a fair amount of time hunting for alternatives, I’ve come up empty handed. So I’m open to suggestions. Having said that, I’ll add that I’m a big believer in investing to protect your eyes. And Vuarnet makes some killer sunglasses. In this case, it may be worth it to pay for the originals.


Have some suggestions for great alternatives to get the No Time To Die James Bond Jamaica style? Let us know all about them in the comments! And remember to check out our Facebook page, Instagram account and Pinterest Boards for more James Bond style advice and inspiration!

Set photos for Bond 25 were sourced from The Daily Mail with photo credits to Splash News.

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