James Bond Holiday Party Style Guide Part 2

We’ve already drawn some inspiration from the Bonds of Connery, Lazenby and Moore in our first post in this series (you can read it here). Now we turn to Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig for part two of our James Bond Holiday Party Style Guide!

Chin up, Bond! The real parties haven’t even started yet!
Timothy Dalton

Is it safe to say very few people would expect Dalton’s Bond to be the life of the party? The actor crafted his characterization to align closely with Fleming’s original creation. And that Bond wasn’t exactly known his gregarious, fun loving nature. So if you’re looking for cold weather style tips from The Living Daylights or License to Kill, my advice is keep it simple and practical. And dark. It may not be the most lively get up, but you will stay warm, dry and ready for action. A fact you’ll truly appreciate when you leave the party early to take a drive alone in the Aston Martin. No doubt you’ll need to do something to unwind after an hour and a half of making pointless small talk with strangers.

The face of a man who would rather be ANYWHERE else but this party …

One other thing about Dalton’s Bond I think we can agree on: his style is just a little dated. Much of that comes down to fit more than anything else. However the designs of his outerwear in particular are clearly a product of the 1980s. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a longer length black leather jacket. But an oversized black leather jacket with drop shoulders, a huge collar and drawstring waist probably shouldn’t be our first choice. This is a great opportunity to take inspiration from Dalton’s Bond. Stay true to his minimalist, tone-on-tone aesthetic, but update some of the key pieces with alternatives that are classic but will work better in a more contemporary wardrobe.


What to wear

Jacket: Belstaff Trailmaster Hand Waxed Leather Motorcycle Jacket in Antique Black: $14500.00 (also try Boutique England Leather Car Coat in Black for £160.00, Schott 533US Leather Coat in Black for $800.00 and Billy Reid Miles Leather Field Jacket on sale for $944.96)

Sweater: Naadam Merino Wool and Cashmere Ribbed Crewneck Sweater in Granite, $185.00

Shirt: Proper Cloth Ventura Melange Knit Pique Shirt in Light Grey, $100.00

Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters AirFlex+ Slim Straight Jeans in Black, $49.95

Boots: Herring Churchstow Norwegian Boot in Black Grain, $362.00/£310.00

Watch: Timex Navi XL Automatic 41mm Watch in Black Stainless Steel, $259.00

Belt: Canvas Web Belt, $8.99

Gloves: Dents Saltford Quilted Leather Gloves in Black, $95.00/£85.00

Gift for host(ess): Lilies


Pierce Brosnan

If any of the Bonds is going to get dressed to the nines and head out for a black tie holiday party, it’s Brosnan’s 007. Sure he stooped to wearing some less formal attire once and a while. But he always looked significantly more comfortable in a suit and tie. Seriously, this is a man who decided an ascot was appropriate neckwear for a nice drive in the mountains.

“A pre-tied bow tie? Seriously?!?! No martini for you!”

Now about the options below. Yes, we’ve gone for some more expensive choices for Brosnan’s look. But they are all classic styles that should last a long time. Could be worth the investment if you see many a formal event in your future? As for the gift for the host: this Bond will bring the makings for a good vodka martini. Because everyone should drink vodka martinis.

What to wear

Coat: Sunflower Classic Peak Lapel Double Breasted Wool Coat in Black, on sale for $590.00/£552.00

Dinner Suit: Polo Ralph Lauren Wool Peak Lapel Tuxedo in Black, $1215.00 (also try Charles Tyrwhitt Peak Lapel Tuxedo for $499.00)

Shirt: Proper Cloth White Pique Tuxedo Shirt, $85.00

Shoes: Brooks Brothers Black Patent Leather Shoes, on sale for $298.50

Tie: The Tie Bar Solid Satin Bowtie, $22.00

Watch: Orient Ray 2 FAA02005D9 Automatic Diver, on sale for $134.00

Cufflinks: Magnoli Clothiers “Orbis Non Sufficit” Cufflinks, $50.00

Gift for host: Absolut Vodka, Noilly Prat vermouth, and Cresimo Cocktail Shaker Set ($18.95)


Daniel Craig

This is a tough one. When it comes to socializing at this time of year, Craig’s Bond was already a hard one to pin down before No Time To Die. On the one hand, he clearly stated that he’s always hated his ancestral home, the name of which causes him obvious discomfort. Could holiday gatherings, with their emphasis on hearth and home, create a similar emotional reaction? On the other hand, this 007 seems more at ease with his co-workers in Skyfall and SPECTRE than any other Bond since Connery’s. It could easily be argued that Craig’s Bond, driven by loyalty, duty and tradition for so much of his career, saw MI6 as his home, the one place where he really could find a quantum of solace.

“This looks to be the right size for Moneypenny.”

Of course the events of the latest film have thrown a wrench into our attempts to psychoanalyze this Bond. And forced us to get a little imaginative when it comes to hypothesizing on his Christmas plans. So I’m basing the following style scenario on one simple premise: Craig’s Bond has a new understanding and appreciation of what a real “home” could be, but he also knows that it will never be a life he can have.

In this context, I imagine Bond living in London in much the same style as he lived in Jamaica, interacting with society but maintaining an emotional distance and spending most of his time in solitude. For the holidays, he dresses comfortably but stylishly to browse some of London’s finer stores, picking up gifts for Moneypenny, Tanner and Q. These will be delivered by courier, of course. Dropping them off in person is too sentimental. Then back to the apartment for a quiet night alone with a bottle of his favorite single malt and his thoughts.


What to wear

Jacket: Selected Homme Peacoat in Navy, $201.00 (more options in this post)

Sweater: Aurelien Dolce Vita Cable Knit Turtleneck Sweater in Light Grey, $286.00/£215.00

Pants: Nordstrom Stretch Corduroy Pants in Black Caviar, on sale for $55.60

Boots: Herring Shoes Cannock Chukka Boots in Black Calf, $193.00/£165.00

Belt: Saks Fifth Avenue Made in Italy Saffiano Leather Belt in Black, $39.99

Watch: Heimdallr Titanium Sea Ghost, on sale for $209.00

Gloves: Dents Daniel Unlined Leather Gloves in Black, on sale for $113.60/£68.00

Gifts for co-workers: an Emma Willis scarf for Q, Dents leather gloves for Tanner, and perfume from Floris of London for Moneypenny. M will get nothing; giving a gift to one’s superior is not done. And a stuffed toy for someone special.

Gift for self: The Macallan 18 Year Old and a new Cumbria Crystal Grasmere Double Old Fashioned Whisky Tumbler (£92.50)


To check out our holiday styles inspired by Connery, Lazenby and Moore, click here! And you can always find Iconic Alternatives on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram for more Bond related fun!

The inspiration for this post actually came from AJB007 member hcantrell who started this thread on the forum. Thanks!

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