SPECTRE Brunello Cucinelli Gabardine Chinos

Updated April 25th, 2019 – During his adventures in Morocco in SPECTRE, Daniel Craig’s Bond wears the Brunello Cucinelli Aged Gabardine Chinos, first with the Matchless Craig Blouson and Tom Ford Polo, and later with his Cucinelli blazerCucinelli belt, Tom Ford tie and shirt, and the J Crew Kentons. As near as I can tell, it was AJB007 forum member  Awilliams007  that first identified the maker of the pants, while member 000-7 got the confirmation of the model (M067DF1050) and color (C1581) direct from the company. A few years ago, they were sold at Harrod’s for the low, low price of £439.00.

Affordable James Bond SPECTRE Brunello Cucinelli Garbardine Chinos  Affordable James Bond SPECTRE Brunello Cucinelli Garbardine Chinos    Affordable James Bond SPECTRE Brunello Cucinelli Garbardine Chinos

So we can get a good idea of the “real world” color of the chinos, AJB007 forum member DBS has kindly shared one of his photos  showing the Brunello Cucinelli Linen Blazer with the Chinos, the Tom Ford tie and JCrew Kentons in the screen accurate Sahara color. AJB007 forum member TinTin’s photo shows his Chinos, again with the Kentons and the Matchless Craig Blouson.

Affordable James Bond SPECTRE Brunello Cucinelli Garbardine Chinos Affordable James Bond SPECTRE Brunello Cucinelli Garbardine Chinos


Features Wanted for the SPECTRE Brunello Cucinelli Gabardine Chinos
  • Slim fit 100% cotton chinos
  • Belt loops and button tab closure
  • On-the-seam front pockets
  • Rear welt pockets with button closure
  • Medium taupe in color (it’s really all about the color)

After a few years of looking at alternatives for these, I’ve come to believe that choosing the right color depends a lot on the jacket with which you’re going to wear them. You want the jacket and chinos to tone. But there should still be enough contrast so you don’t look like you’re wearing a mixed up suit. So if you have a darker alternative for the Cucinelli blazer, you can go with darker chinos. Got a lighter colored blazer? Go with one of lighter chino alternatives.

Affordable James Bond SPECTRE Brunello Cucinelli Garbardine Chinos
On top: The darker Mango Linen Jacket with the Reiss Fielder Chinos. On the bottom: The paler Gagliardi blazer with the H&M Chinos.


Best Option for the SPECTRE Brunello Cucinelli Gabardine Chinos 
Express Slim 365 Comfort Stretch+ Chino in Cobblestone: $79.90

Affordable James Bond SPECTRE Brunello Cucinelli Garbardine Chinos

A great alternative suggested by AJB007 forum member armenianmovieman (thank you, sir!). Express uses a cotton/polyester/spandex blend. Should work for wicking, wrinkle minimization and stretch. And that Cobblestone is a great color match. Going to try and find a pair of these in store. Will report back if I find ’em. Express has sizes 28 to 42 in various inseam lengths in stock on their website.


Options Under $50
H&M Chinos in Light Taupe: $34.99/£24.99

Affordable James Bond SPECTRE Brunello Cucinelli Garbardine Chinos

If you’ve gone with one of the lighter colored Morocco blazer options (or you just like a lighter colored chino), then these should work. H&M has launched some kind of sustainability/supply chain transparency program. I’m not sure, but I think these ones might be made from recycled or organic cotton? They’re not too clear on that in the product description. In any event, most sizes are in stock on the website.


Under $100
Volcom Frickin Modern Stretch Chino Pants in Mushroom: $55.00

Affordable James Bond SPECTRE Brunello Cucinelli Garbardine Chinos

These guys have been a part of this post FOREVER! Definitely a darker colored option. Volcom has used a 58% cotton/39% recycled polyester/2% elastane fabric and they describe the fit as “slightly slim with tapered legs”. Sizes 28 to 46 are available in 30,32 and 34 inseams. If you feel like hunting for a better price, the chinos are also available on Amazon from various sellers.


Selected Homme Slhparis Regular Fit Chinos in Greige: £45.00

Affordable James Bond SPECTRE Brunello Cucinelli Garbardine Chinos

Look at Selected Homme! Digging back into the 80s to pull out an old Armani color! That’s fun! This is another “stretch” pair with the 98% cotton/2% elastane fabric. And although the description says these are “Regular Fit”, they look pretty darn slim. Selected has sizes 29 to 38 in various inseam lengths available. If you want to try their “Skinny” version of the chino, check out the SLHLuca chinos for the same price.


Massimo Dutti Regular Fit Chinos in Khaki: $69.90/£49.95

Affordable James Bond SPECTRE Brunello Cucinelli Garbardine Chinos

They may be a little dark. But I have to say the fabric weight and wash and overall fit of these ones really gives me that Cucinelli vibe. I’m also going to hunt for these ones in-store to give some IRL feedback. Once again, the fabric is 98% cotton/2% elastane and sizes 30 to 40 are in stock. Just note that I almost always have to size up with clothing from MD.


Dockers Big & Tall Smart 360 Flex Tapered Khakis in Dark Pebble: $76.00

Affordable James Bond SPECTRE Brunello Cucinelli Garbardine Chinos

With the brands we’ve listed so far, we know slimmer guys won’t have a problem finding an alternative. But what about the larger gentlemen? If you iron out the crease, these should quite nicely. The cotton/elastane blend fabric and more tapered fit still gives them a more modern look and feel in larger sizes. When we first started looking for alternatives for the Cucinelli chinos, the Dockers in Dark Pebble were an early favorite. Unfortunately, it looks like they’ve discontinued that color in almost every other style except these ones. Coming to you from Kohl’s, where they have sizes 34 to 52 in stock in various longer inseams.


Marks and Spencer Italian Slim Fit Travel Chinos with Stretch in Natural: £45.00/$78.00

Affordable James Bond SPECTRE Brunello Cucinelli Garbardine Chinos

Just a solid, 99% cotton/1% elastane option from the well known British retailer. These are M&S “Slim”. So I wouldn’t expect anything skin-tight. The color is also a good match for the SPECTRE chinos, if a shade more on the brown side. Waist sizes 28 to 44 are in stock in a variety of inseam lengths.


Gagliardi Light Brown Twill Garment Dyed Trousers: on sale for €71.00

Affordable James Bond SPECTRE Brunello Cucinelli Garbardine Chinos

Not quite sure about these ones. And only because of the color. They’re described as “Light Brown”. But, online at least, they definitely read darker and more grey than the Cucinellis. But, knowing the quality of Gagliardi’s offerings, I still think they may be worth a look. The washed twill fabric is (again) 98% cotton/2% elastane. And they come in sizes 28 to 38 in short, regular and long inseams.


Options Under $200
Reiss Fielder Garment Dyed Slim Fit Chinos in Beige: $180.00/£95.00

Affordable James Bond SPECTRE Brunello Cucinelli Garbardine Chinos

Expensive? Yes. Very nice? Also yes. A little more brown in tone than the taupe SPECTRE chinos. But can work with some jackets. Just note they’re missing the buttons on the back pocket. Reiss has sizes 28 to 36 in stock, and I believe they all come with a standard 33″ inseam. Now guess the fabric. Go on! I dare ya!


As always, we’ll be adding more options as they’re found! If you’ve turned up some good alternatives, share away in the comments below. And remember to check us out our Facebook page, Instagram account and Pinterest Boards for more James Bond style advice, inspiration and info on where to find the latest deals!

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